Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Than The Usual Pre-RAce Nerves

I woke up this morning feeling a cold coming on. Oh no. Not again! I don't think I've been sick since Utah Valley Half Marathon in June, and now that I have another big race in 2 days, I'm getting sick again. What's up with that?!

I really hope I can just get over this dang cold in the next 2 days so I'm taking as much Vitamin C as I can and trying to drink a ton of water.


On top of that, George refuses to drink out of a bottle or really eat any baby food. Sometimes he'll drink from a sippy cup, but I don't know if he gets enough to be happy that way. Last time he still wanted to nurse afterwards. He did get really excited when he saw me eating bread at dinner so I gave him a piece and he ate some of that. Again, I don't know if it's enough to fill him up or anything, though. Hmmm, I just don't know what to do. My dad's already said he's fine with watching him while I race, but I'm just worried about him being hungry for half the day if he doesn't eat. I'm sure if he gets hungry enough, he'll take a bottle or drink from a sippy cup, though, right? Of course, I could always have Pete bring him and try to coordinate meeting somewhere on the course so I can feed him, but I'd really rather not have to worry about that.


Today was the first day of school and that went pretty well, other than me forgetting it was a short day and them having to walk home in 100 degrees when I told them I would pick them up. Oops!

Mindy is in 4th grade now, and she was really happy to see her friends again.

Ethan, the 2nd grader, wasn't super excited, but at least he went quietly (without any tears) and didn't seem too sad when he got home (just hot from the walk...).

I was also supposed to get a massage today, which I was really looking forward to. But it turned out to be scheduled for the same time as Mindy's ballet placement class. That was ok, though, I was just going to drop her off early, get my massage then pick her up a little late.

When it was time to go, Mindy came to me and told me she didn't know where her ballet shoes were and that they probably got contaminated in the flood. Ug! So, we had to hurry and buy her new ones.

Of course the first store we tried didn't have any so we had to go to the Gateway, which is never a quick trip. Luckily they had her size so we grabbed them and hurried on our way. We ended up getting to the studio right on time instead of early, but then there was some confusion about what time she was supposed to be there. I guess they had planned on the girls her age coming at 7, but a bunch of us were there who were told to come at 5. Finally they just said they'd take them then since that's what they told us. I hugged Mindy and ran out the door, thinking I'd just be like 10 minutes late for my massage. But then I got on the freeway which was NOT moving at all and I knew I would be more than a few minutes late. Finally, at almost 5:30 when I still wasn't close, I just called them and told them I wasn't going to make it. I was dissapointed, but I knew by the time I got there, I'd only have time for like a 10 minute massage before her next appointment, plus I had to go get Mindy.


The good news is that when I got back to the ballet studio, I saw some of her friends outside acting excited and I heard them say, "I can't believe Mindy made Grade 2!" Then I saw Mindy in the window getting her shoes on, looking SO happy. It was worth missing my massage just to see that look on her face. :)

I went in and asked her, and sure enough she had a little Grade 2 card with her name on it. It's where her friends will be so she was really excited. I had been planning on doing at least another year of Grade 1 because the Grade 2 flyer says, "12+" on it, and Mindy's 9. I talked to the teacher, though, and there was no mistake.

The bad news is that Grade 2 girls go 3 times a week so it's more money (ahem, flooded basement anyone?). But we really want her to be able to do this, so we're going to make it work. I'm so proud and happy for her! We had to walk to the store after dinner and pick out a treat to celebrate! (She picked all natural strawberry popsicles)

Ug, my nose is really running now. I should go to bed! Goodnight.

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