Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taper Time & Swim Clinic

Only 3 more days until Utah Half, and I'm in full taper mode. My training has decreased a lot, and I should be eating less too, but I don't know if that's actually happening. I did weigh myself last night and was happy to see 140.6 on the scale! What an awesome number!

That seems like a pretty good race weight, doesn't it?

I really haven't done much since I got back from North Carolina. I took Wednesday off to recover from my trip, ran with the stroller and the kids at the park on Thursday, did a swim/bike brick on Friday, and an 8 mile tempo run on Saturday. That tempo run hurt too!

This week... Oh it's only Tuesday. It feels like it's later than that! I've "slept in" the past 3 days, and that's been nice. I just ran for 30 minutes with George in the stroller at his bedtime last night. It was so cute, he was asleep after less than 10 minutes. I felt really good too!

Today I lounged around the house and did a bunch of cleaning until the evening when we went to Orem/Pleasant Grove to pick up my bike from getting tuned-up then the swim clinic for The Utah Half.

It was really fun! It was taught by last year's winner, Heath Thurston who is a really cool guy, a good teacher and a really fast pro triathlete. It was awesome to hear all the advice he had to give, though there was so much, I'm sure I'll forget most of it.

We did a little swimming with the group that was there. I wore my wetsuit, but Heath said he almost always choses not to wear a wetsuit because it makes it so you can't feel the water and you forget about your form. I don't really love wearing a wetsuit anyway, and it always takes me forever to get it off so I'll probably go without on Saturday. The lake should be warm enough that it won't be a problem. We didn't actually swim in Utah Lake for this clinic so I don't know exactly how it will be, but there was a lady there without a wetsuit and she said she thought it would be fine. We'll see.

We had a pretty big group and we practiced doing a group start a couple times which was really good to do. It just made me feel more prepared and excited for Saturday!

The awesome thing about the little pond we swam at was that it was a great place for Pete and the kids to play and watch me! It was a really cool place. Some people from Winder were there giving out chocolate recovery milks to the athletes, and they were kind enough to give one to my children and my husband. We didn't end up leaving until after 8 so the kids were all tired, but we hadn't had dinner either so we thought we should stop at In-N-Out to get something for them to eat on the way home. Of course, a full burger after chugging a whole chocolate milk gave all the kids tummy aches so it probably would have been better to just come strait home. We didn't get the kids to bed until 9:30 or so (though they did sleep a little in the car) and tomorrow's the first day of school! Yikes. Parent of the year here! Hopefully they'll sleep well and not be too tired for their big day tomorrow...

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