Monday, November 14, 2011

1st Snowboarding Trip of The Season!

I didn't go running today, and I'm not sad about that at all because I got to go snowboarding instead!

I know, sometimes I just feel like my life is just too good to be true!

Driving up there, listening to Audioslave with Pete, I didn't feel like a 31-year-old mom.

I felt more like I was 21.

Skipping school on a Monday morning, going snowboarding with my boyfriend.

The funny thing is that we didn't do stuff like this when we were 21. We didn't really have money for lift tickets back then, and I guess we were also living in St. George where snowboarding was far from our minds.

I also realized that when I was 21, I had a baby which also made it harder to do things like go snowboarding. And here I am again, 10 years later, with a baby again. Crazy!

Anyway, driving up there was kind of weird because there was no snow at first so we were a little worried. By the time we got up to Brighton it was 27 degrees and the ground was covered in snow.

We got there and went to make sure we'd get our tickets right away. We got the Pass of All Passes in the spring and it almost seemed to good to be true (like my life) so we were a little worried. It was just fine though! Phew!

I was getting ready to hook my pass onto my jacket, and put the metal hook in my mouth to zip up my jacket or something, but when I pulled my hand away my finger got stuck so I ended up cutting my lip a little. Smart hu?

Anyway, we got up there and I made it down with only falling once or twice. Yay! I was worried I would have to start all over, but I felt like I was almost at the point I left off in March 2010 (I know the date because the tag was still on my jacket).

It was so much fun! We did 5 runs before it was time to go, and it was awesome!

When it was time to go, we started driving out of the parking lot and saw a bunch of fire trucks and they had closed the road because there was a house fire somewhere in the canyon. They told us the road would be open in about half an hour so we went back to the lodge and got some cheeseburgers and took in the view of the mountains for a while longer. It was so nice, and I couldn't help but feel so happy to live where I live! I love it!

Here's the view from the cafe.

What a great morning.

To top it off, Elle and George were both so happy, and had a great time with my awesome friend and her kids while I was gone.

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