Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eight is Great!

This morning Pete took the kids to the screening of Happy Feet 2. We got 4 tickets when we went to the zoo for Halloween, and the kids were so excited. Too bad, when they got there, it was all sold out. They had over-booked, and apparently they do that a lot. It was disappointing, but no harm done. They picked up Toy Story 3 from Red Box on the way home and we had popcorn and candy so I think everyone was ok with it.

While they watched the movie I went running. I parked up by the capitol and ran up and down and around there for 8.2 miles. It was really fun. It was cold. It was actually warmer than last week, it was in the 40s, but it was windy so it felt colder. It wasn't quite as pretty as last week either, since there was no snow and a lot of the leaves had fallen off, but it was still pretty. I just really felt good and was so so happy to be out there and to be able to run.

8 miles is my favorite distance to run. It's long enough to be a bit challenging and sound impressive, but it's short enough that I don't need to bring fuel. It's even more fun when I run it at a nice easy pace, especially when some of it's downhill so I get to run it nice and easy, but still kind of fast!

What's your favorite distance to run?

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