Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hard but Good Training Morning

This week has kind of been lacking training. For some reason or another, I didn't run at all on Monday. I can't remember why now... I think it had to do with George being sick and off schedule because of Day Light Savings and all that. I don't know. I did get the kitchen clean for a few minutes instead, though!

Tuesday was good. I always look forward to my Tuesday run because that's when I meet with my stroller running group! It's always so fun to see everyone and have a nice easy run. I did 2.2 miles with them, then did that again by myself, plus the almost half-mile to/from our meeting spot which totaled about 5 easy miles. It was good, but I totally had to pee during the last part and kept having to walk. That was so annoying, and I was just so mad that they've already closed the bathrooms at the parks I run by! George was asleep in the stroller so I didn't really feel like I should run in to 7-11 or anything either.


Yesterday I intended to go swimming in the morning, but I woke up feeling pretty crappy and like I was getting sick so I just went back to sleep. George didn't sleep well that night either so I was just feeling dead, and came home and took a nap for the entire time Elle was in preschool! Thank you George for sleeping for 2 hours so I could do that, it was nice!

Today, I turned my alarm off and almost skipped my workout again, but then George woke up at around 6, so I fed him and got myself moving and to the gym by 6:30. I ran for 10 minutes on the track, then one lap as fast as I can/one lap recover repeated for about 16-17 minutes. Then I just did another 10 minutes easy to cool down and hurried home. I stretched, made breakfast and got the kids ready for school, then Pete drove them in so I got to stay home with George.

While he was happy and playing, I did a Nike Training Club workout called "Full Action," but it really should be called "I Don't Want to Be Able to Walk Tomorrow." It's a ton of squats and lunges and jumping, along with pushups and planks and all that kind of fun stuff!

George was awesome and actually just played and let me do most of the workout without wanting to be held or climb on me. Then he got a hold of my phone and somehow got out of the app and ended my workout when I had like 6 minutes left. Luckily I was just to the stretching part so I did that on my own, then I was done!

Yay, what a morning! Then I was even able to put him down for a nap and take a nice shower without being rushed or barged in on, then sit and put my feet up for a few minutes (right now).

Sadly, I must go wake him up now and go pick up Elle. Luckily he's usually totally fine with that. :)

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