Saturday, November 5, 2011

First Snow!

There's something about going running after it snows that turns your usual running route into something new. There are puddles to jump, ice or slush to watch out for, and trees, weighed down by the snow, to duck under where you could normally just run. Everything just seems so much quieter and more serene, while at the same time more exciting.

That's how it was for me today after our first snow of the season! We got a good 4 inches which is a lot for Salt Lake. It had snowed all night so we woke up to a nice white blanket outside. When I told Elle, she immediately ran downstairs to wake Mindy up and show her. Mindy's first response was, "Our leaves are really pretty! I didn't realize they were so yellow." That was an interesting thing to notice when everyone else was looking at the snow. When George woke up, he was so sad and stuffy, but he even got excited when he saw the snow. I sat him in his high chair at the window while I worked on breakfast, and he just made cute sounds and watched the big fluffy flakes fall. It was cute!

Of course, the kids had to put their snow clothes on immediately and get out there! After some digging, we were able to find everything for everyone except boots for Ethan. I told him to wear my Uggs, which ended up working really well for him I think! They actually played outside for over half an hour which made me glad I got them nice new gloves this year! Usually they take more time getting ready to play outside then they actually play outside.

I had hot chocolate ready for them when they came in, and some pumpkin cream cheese muffins that were really, really good!

I was jealous of the kids getting to go out and play in the snow, and couldn't wait to go do my run. By the time I got George down for his nap, it had stopped snowing, and I went out in just a short sleeve + a long sleeve tech tee, gloves and ear warmers. Strangely, I wasn't even very cold at the begginging. I warmed up really nicely, and even pushed my sleeves up for a few minutes towards the end.

Everything was so beautiful, and I made a point to notice the beautifully colored leaves under the snow, along with all the white.

I ran up North Temple and through Memory Grove towards City Creek. I was surprised not to see any other runners out there. There are usually a lot on this route. I saw a few people out taking pictures and that was pretty much it. When I got up into the canyon, it was just so peaceful, and I had it all to myself. I had my music on, but low enough that I could hear the river and take in the stillness of the new-fallen snow and the trees surrounding me.

I really felt like I could just keep running forever! But I had told Pete I would just do 6-7 miles since I needed to get back for him to go help his brother move, so I reluctantly turned around at 3.5 and headed back down the hill.

I realized that this hill feels like about the same grade as the one you run down for a long ways in the Utah Valley Half Marathon. I think I'll have to do repeats on it when I get more into training for that race. That will be fun!

I ran a total of 7 miles at a nice easy pace (10:33 min/mile average) in 1:13:56.

I got home just in time for Pete to leave, then I had to hurry and get ready to get to my brother's graduation party in Logan. That was a little stressful and rushed, and we didn't get lunch, but I'm still glad I was able to do that run. It was just lovely. Everyone was fine, and we had homemade doughnuts and hot chocolate at the party (my brother just graduated from the police academy). That was almost a re-do of our breakfast! Oops, not the healthiest eating day! Afterwards, we went to Cafe Rio with my sisters and my dad before heading back, and that was really good.

When we got home it was practically bed time. Man, this day went by quickly!

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