Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fort Macon & Our Last Day at Atlantic Beach, NC

Everyone told us we should go to Fort Macon before we left so that's what we did on Saturday which was our last day there. We're so glad we went, it was really fun! 

I ran to Fort Macon last year for my long run, but it was before they opened so I didn't really see it and had no idea what all they had there.

There was a little sea life museum there that we went to first. The girls got to be mermaids and Ethan got to hug a whale!

Then we went to the actual fort and got there just in time to see them fire the cannon. BOOM! It was really loud! It was cool to see all the work that goes into firing one of those. It takes 5-7 guys to get it all ready and fire it.

Then we explored the old for which was around during the Civil War (Or the War Against The States as they called it there).

You can't really tell, but there's a big drop off on the other side of this wall. I had a few scary moments with Ethan, the crazy boy.

Elle said she liked this picture because she's smiling like a princess and her hair is blowing in the wind. Very true. :)

We were so hot and tired after this excursion so it felt really good to go home and go to the beach! My grandma came over and went down with us. Katie and the kids built a really big, cool sand castle and I finally bit the bullet and swam in the ocean. I did it last year, and it was just fine, but I can't help but think about the sharks and jelly fish and everything else that is out there, and it doesn't help that I can't see past my arm and that I have to be so far out to be past the waves. I swam to the end of the next condo down and back twice, and my grandma timed me the second time and said it took me about 14 minutes so I thought that was a good amount of time to practice my open water swimming. Utah Lake is going to feel so nice and clean and calm compared to that! Not to mention, I won't be worrying about sharks!


  1. George is getting so big! And I love the picture of Elle smiling like a princess too. Looks like you guys had fun!

  2. Those are some cute kids you've got there! I love the first shot of George.