Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Making Ourselves At Home - Atlantic Beach, NC

I slept so good at this condo! We could open our balcony window and just listen to the waves all night. It was so lovely. And here is the view from our condo. Could it get any better!?

Well, maybe this view on the balcony is a little better! :)

I think this shot was taken near the above gazebo. So beautiful!

Monday I got out bright and early and ran 3.6 miles, coming home soaking wet because of the humidity. Man, it is hard to run out there! I had George with me in the stroller since he woke up early too so that didn't help. It was nice to get out, though.

Then we spent the whole morning on the beach, and at the pool. The kids actually liked the pool more than the beach and got to be such better swimmers with practicing every day. Elle (She's not quite 6) could dive in so beautifully and just swim around in the deep end with the other kids by the end of the week. Mindy and Ethan were doing backflips off the ladders and any other tricks they could think of. Unfortunatly Mindy also came home with a bad case of swimmers ear which caused her a lot of pain, especially on the plane ride home. It's getting better, though. 

We went out to dinner at the Crab Claw which was fun, but kind of pricy. Pete and Ethan shared some steamed crab legs and enjoyed them very much.

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