Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shelling at Shacklford Banks Island, NC

Wednesday and Thursday are kind of a blur to me. I ran both mornings. Wednesday was a 3.7 mile tempo run by myself that was still pretty slow because of the heat and humidity, and an easy half an hour (2.7 miles) with George in the stroller on Thursday. Then both days were filled with playing on the beach and the pool. On Thursday we found a sandbar a little ways out and that was really cool. It was nice and calm so George loved to just sit there and play.

Friday was another early morning at the peir in Morehead City. (Well, kind of early, we met my Grandma there at 8:30.) This is my new favorite picture of us together.


We had booked a ferry to take us out to Shacklford Banks Island!

Katie was the sunscreen queen! She always made sure everyone had sunscreen on before we did anything. Thanks to her, no one got sunburnt too badly, but somehow everyone still managed to get really tan (well, more than others...)

Grandma and George, so cute!

This boat ride was much more exciting! It lasted about 20 minutes, and we got to go a little farther out into the ocean and a lot faster!

The beach was just beautiful and Katie found a lot of big shells for the kids out in the waves. The water hear was a lot more clear than our beach and it was so beautiful!

There are wild ponys on this island and we were hoping to catch a glimps of them, but we never found any. There's also a lighthouse called Cape Lookout on this island that I was excited to see, but it turns out that the island is about 9 miles long, and the lighthouse was on the opposite side.

Despite not seing the lighthouse or the ponies, we did find some really nice shells and just had a really fun time playing on the beach, exploring and building sand caslles before our ferry came back to take us home 3 hours later. George was done by then and fell asleep on the boat!

He managed to stay asleep while I carried him off and over to The Ruddy Duck where we had a very delicious lunch. I had shrimp tacos with carabean slaw and it was heaven!

This is the picture Grandma took of Mindy while we were showing her how my phone worked. Quite a nice shot!

George took another nap when we got home, and so did Elle so Katie and I took Mindy and Ethan to the pool and the beach while they slept. We had so much fun swimming in the pool and practicing our dives. I swam a few laps, but the pool was so small it would only take about 6 strokes to get across so I didn't do too many. We mostly just played.

Thursday and Friday evening we all went for a walk down the beach at sunset, one way one day and the other way the next. It was so lovely.

On Friday evening we found 2 jelly-fish washed up on the shore so that kind of freaked everyone out and made us very careful about where we stepped.

And Ethan found a crab. It just sat there for a while , then Ethan touched it and it ran to the ocean, making everyone squeel. It was pretty funny, and a highlight of the trip for Ethan!

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