Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Running Photo Shoot

I have a friend who is an amazing photographer who I met years ago when she did our family photos. This year she did our family photos again and I have been doing some baby-sitting for her. She's also doing my sister's wedding photos! 

This year, she is doing a project on the side called RED where she is shooting women in red. She wanted to do one with a runner all in black with red shoes so she asked me if I wanted to do it. I needed new shoes anyway so I bought some red Nike Frees. I'm afraid these new shoes, that have a flatter heel drop than my other Frees, may have led to all my recent injuries. But for the most part I've really liked them so who knows!

We went out to The Great Salt Lake at sunset for the pictures and it was really fun!


  1. Awesome pictures!!
    Your friend is very talented!

  2. Those are GREAT pictures! How fun for you!

  3. You look like you should be in a Nike ad!