Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our First Rodeo

Here I sit icing my foot on this lovely Sunday morning. I was really hoping I'd get out of bed today and it would feel better, but it didn't. It's still really sore. I'm thinking I will go to a doctor this week.

Last night, I took Pete and the kids to The Mountain Valley Stampede Rodeo in Heber City (where I grew up, and where rodeo is big!). It was their first ever rodeo. I hadn't been to one since before I got married, and it was just how I remembered it, but so much more fun with the kids! We also went with my sister and her fiance and my dad and his wife which made it that much more fun.

I had to do more walking then my foot liked from the car to our spot on the bleachers, but I was fine just sitting there.

 The clown did some funny and amazing tricks with a motorcycle, including spinning around and acting like he was going to fall off to jumping a big truck and trailer so that was really fun to see.

I think everyone liked the barrel racing the best. That's the event the crowd was able to get the most into. Elle especially LOVED that part. I've got to get that girl some horseback riding lessons or something. She asked me to take a picture of the girl who won so I did even though it's too far away to really see her.

It was a fun night, ending at like 10:30 with a pretty amazing firework show right over our heads! Pete brought the car around while we watched the fireworks to save me some walking and to get us out of there before the rush so that was nice. We didn't get home until close to Midnight so I was happy everyone slept in until at least 8!

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