Monday, August 26, 2013


It has now been over 3 weeks since I last ran. I was going to try to run last Wednesday because that would have been 2 weeks since I saw the doctor, but my ankle was feeling sore so I didn't.

It had been feeling so much better so I had decided to go for a bike ride the Saturday before which I thought would be totally fine, but my I guess not. I realized afterwards that riding hard for 20 miles after only ridding my bike 2 or 3 times in the last year would not really be considered "babying" my foot! It's hard to keep babying it when it feels good though!

It's so hard to know what I can do and when I should try to do things again, and I've just felt so frail and fragile these last few weeks.

I finally committed to pulling out of the Big Cottonwood Marathon and sent in my withdrawal. The awesome thing is that they gave me my money back! Not many races will do that so I've already had a great experience with this race even without getting to run it. They also had a givaway for free running assessments with one of their sponsers, and I won one! So I will definitly be using that to help figure out this problem with my foot and I will definitely keep my sights on this marathon for the future!

It was really sad to withdraw, but at the same time it was also a huge relief and I no longer feel like I'm in a rush to get better and I can just not worry about running and do other things.

I have been really good about working out for the past couple weeks! I went aqua jogging 5 times for about an hour+ each, and swimming 3 times, plus some pilates and ballet (which also didn't feel great on my poor Achilles on Tuesday...) so I'm happy about that.

I've made a new goal to make it to masters swimming at least 3 times a week, and I've done 3 in a row (Wednesday, Friday and today where I covered 2700 yards!) so I feel really good about it, and I can really feel the habit starting to set in.  It also helps me not feel too sad about not running, and I feel strong again! Ok, I'm not really fast, especially compared to the 3 guys next to me this morning, but I still feel strong and enjoy doing it.

I am going to start back up running this week. My food and ankle feel really good, and I'm anxious to start training for Ragnar which is in 12 weeks! I promise to start back slow and keep doing other things too. I just need to remember that if I'm not doing enough cross training, I get inured! I should know this by now.

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