Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Interval Running Fun

I decided to go to the gym and do 5 800s on the track, and try to do them all in under 4:00.

I did a nice easy mile to warm up. I don't remember how long it took me, between 9 and 10 minutes I'm thinking.

I took a bathroom break then got going on my intervals. My first 3 800s were pretty good, and I tried to keep a pretty good jog going for 2 laps in between to recover. Here are the times:


After the 3:59, I thought I maybe should recover for a little longer so I jogged for 3 laps instead of 2, switched my shuffle off when it got to Elbow, then went for it again.


What? You can tell I was getting tired. Sorry, Elbow. I love you, but you didn't get me through that one.

I thought about just ending it at 4 800s, maybe I wasn't ready for 5. But 5 was my plan, so I just took a nice recovery, slowing down to a walk for 3 laps. Then I even stopped so I could find my Muse (literally - on my ipod) before starting my timer again. I don't know if it was the better recover or the song, but this was my fastest one!


Thank you, Muse and your Uprising! Love that song! I even felt so good when I finished my 800 that I kept going for at least another lap, then just slowly slowed down as I did one more mile to cool down. It ended up being a really slow mile. Like 12 minutes. Oh well, it was a cool down, and my knee was starting to hurt and I was really tired! I was happy with the work I did, though. I went down and got Elle to come with me while I stretched and did crunches. She likes to do that, plus it takes a little off my tab for daycare.

So, my total mileage today was.......(dong the math, doing the math).... 5.5 miles.
According to my daycare time in/time out it took me 1:02 to do that. That includes walking over and up the stairs twice, and the bathroom break, though.

Ok, time for some relaxation and some apple cobbler. Good night.

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