Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Run or Sleep?

Yesterday I waited all day to go run when I dropped Mindy off for ballet at 4:45. As we left the house, I thought, "Oh, it looks like it might get stormy, I'll bring a jacket." Then we got in the car and I realized my ipod was dead. Then, when we were half-way there, I realized that she had ballet at 4:00, not 4:45! That's Wednesdays! Seriously, I can not handle having it at two different times. This is the second time I've done that!

By the time we got there, her class was half-way over, and I would have only had 20 minutes to run so I just hung out and watched her dance which was fun too. We got home, and Pete said, "Just go now." But it did end up getting stormy, plus my ipod was dead and I had already decided to skip it so I didn't go.

This morning it was raining, and I felt really tired so I had to ask myself the age-old question. "Go running or back to bed?" It was hard, but I knew, at the end of the day, I'd be much happier about going running than going back to sleep. I would probably just feel better too. Naps always make me feel yucky.

I borrowed Pete's Garman for my run and these are my splits (that I'm very happy with!):
  1. 9:15
  2. 9:10
  3. 9:06
  4. 8:47

It ended up being nice running in the light rain, and my ipod was all charged up with some new songs so it was a really fun run. Plus it was awesome having that watch vibrate every time I did a mile, and I could always see how fast I was going. Isn't technology great!?

I was really tired at the end, and I didn't bring a heart rate monitor so I don't know how high my heart rate got, but I'm happy I was able to run that fast for 4 miles! I think I'm actually getting faster! Slowly, but surly, I'm getting faster!

I did some crunches and pull-ups after my run, and I felt great. I'm so glad I went!

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