Sunday, September 21, 2014

North Carolina Day 3 - The Beach

We pretty much spent the whole day at the beach on Monday and it was so much fun! I loved that the 3 older kids are big enough to go play in the waves with us now! That was awesome!! It was also really nice to have 5 adults there to keep an eye on the 4 kids.

George wouldn't even touch the water on Sunday, so it was really fun to see him get in and play this time.

 There was even this kind of tide pool that was perfect for him to play in.

I think we had the best waves of the whole trip this day, probably because of the storm that was brewing!

The storm also made for a really cool walk on the beach that evening just as the sun was setting.

That night, we were hanging out, watching movies when the rain and lightening started. It was just relentless! The lightning would just keep flashing, and the rain just kept falling. Soon, our street had turned into a little river. It was pretty cool!

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