Sunday, September 21, 2014

North Carolina Day 6 - There Be Pirates!

This was our Pirate day! We met my Grandma at the pirate museum in Beaufort.

Ok, it's actually called the Maratime Museum, but everyone was mostly excited to see all the pirate stuff. There is a big Blackbeard exhibit here because his ship, Queen Ann's Revenge, is sunk just off the coast.

I bought a really intersting book at the gift shop about The Great Age of Piracy, and come to find out a lot of the things we think about pirates are not true. Just like a lot of history, I'm coming to find out! It has been interesting reading this book, along with a book about Columbus I picked up at the library and a book about Lewis and Clark that I got for signing up for summer reading at the library.  Maybe I'm a bit of a history nerd, but it is facinating stuff to me!

After the museum, our group broke up and Pete and I took the kids to The Ruddy Duck at the Morehead City waterfront for lunch. I had been wanting to eat there again ever since our last trip when I got the most amazing fish tacos! I got them again this time, and they were still really good, but maybe didn't live up to the memory! Haha! Plus the kids were being quite crazy and we got way too much food! Oh well, maybe we'll learn someday.

After lunch, we met back up with everyone at the Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. It's kind of a tradition to go here every time we come.

Taking a picture on this turtle is becoming a new tradition too. Here's this year:

Here's the photo (OH MY GOODNESS!) from 2 years ago:

The touch tank is really cool here. We got to feel some sting rays and a little shark. We saw 2 sting rays just like these, maybe just a little smaller, at the beach in the little tide pool on our last day out!

To tie the aquarium in with our pirate theme, here's an exhibit with a replica of the remains of Queen Ann's Revenge. It would be pretty cool to go diving and see it in person.

In the evening, Katie, the girls and I all went and got pedicures! It was a first time for my girls so that was really fun, and felt really good on my poor leg after all the walking around that day.

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