Sunday, September 21, 2014

North Carolina Day 7 - Sunrise On The Beach

I finally got myself out of bed early enough to go for a walk on the beach to see the sunrise and look for signs of turtles with my dad. I think he went every morning while we were there, but you had to be up at like 4am our time (6am there) to see the sunrise and I just wasn't up for that most the time!

It was just starting to get light and the moon was still out when we started.

 We walked about a mile down and didn't see any turles, but the sunrise was beautiful!

And we did see a turtle nest site which is pretty cool even though you couldn't even tell other than by the sign and it being roped off.

Ah, it was so beautiful! I'm so glad I went!

This was Katie and Brandon's last day so we spent it at the beach again and had so much fun! I took a walk with Katie, Mindy and Elle to show them the turltle site and we also figured out how to tell where the little sand crab nests were at the edge of the water. It was kind of creepy how many we would find once we knoew where to dig! The girls filled a bucket full of them and counted 136 as they let them go!

My grandma also came down to visit us and played in the waves with us for a little while. She made a comment about how she thinks she's 15, and I just love it! She's such a great example to me of how to live your life to the fullest and stay active. I wish I had a picture of her catching waves on the boogie board!

For dinner we went to Crab Claw, which is another tradition when we go out there, and we had some delicous seafood! Of course, George was done before everyone else so I took him out for a walk on the boardwalk on the beach just outside and we found this little tiny playground at the public beach. There were just these cement turles, some bricks and a few swings, but that was good enough for George!

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