Sunday, September 7, 2014

North Carolina Days 1 & 2 - Traveling

We had really been looking forward to visiting North Carolina again since our last visit, 2 years ago, and the time had finally come! Here are my posts from that trip:

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This year we added Katie's new husband, Brandon, and my Dad to the crew! We had a really nice trip down there. First of all, we didn't leave until Saturday evening so we had all day to finish up packing and get the house clean, and even take Mindy to the instacare for an earache. Luckily it wasn't an infection, but that made for a really miserable landing in NC for her. :(

We got a direct flight from Salt Lake City to Raleigh which was only about 4 hours long, and Pete had the brilliant idea to bring George's car seat on the plane. That was so nice because he's used to sitting in that and he knows he can't get out so we didn't have to chase him around or anything on the plane. It was great!

We did chase a beautiful sunset into Raleigh!

After we landed, George had a blast running fast on the moving sidewalks at the airport! He had stayed awake the whole flight and was nice and tired for when we got ot our hotel which was close by.

 In the morning, we had a fun breakfast at the hotel, then played in the pool.

We rented a SWEET minivan that everyone loved.

And took a 3 hour road trip, through the walls of trees, to the beach!

We stopped at one of the many BoJangles we saw on the way, and I think it was the one we stopped at last time too! They have amazing fried chicken and biscuits. Mmm.
Once we got to Morehead City, our first stop was to visit Grandma an Grandpa!

Then we moved on to meet Katie and Brandon at the house rented for the week. We pretty much droppsed all our stuff off, put our swim suits on and headed to the beach. We didn't have too much time to play because we needed to get back and figure out something for dinner. We went to this drive-up place that had pretty much all the fried sea food and burgers you could want and brought that back to the house to eat. We got some really good hushpuppies and I had a yummy crab cake burger. Then it was time to rest and let the relaxation begin.

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