Sunday, September 21, 2014

North Carolina Days 8 & 9 - Saying Goodbye

Saturday morning Katie and Brandon headed out and we headed down to the beach for one more day. This is when we saw some sting rays in the shallow water so we spent a lot of the day looking for more of them and the little fish that we saw a lot of. The girls also tried to show Ethan how to catch the crabs, but I don't think the water was at the right level to catch quite as many as the day before. But we did build some sand castles.

Played in the water, though the waves were pretty small this day.

And the kids turned me into a mermaid, which is a dream come true for me (almost)!  :)

We tried to eat up all the food we had in the house during the day, and picked up some more fried seafood and hush puppies for dinner at the drive in we at at the first night.

The next morning I went out for a walk on the beach, by myself this time, and was so happy that my leg was feeling so much better! I ended up walking 3 miles and I just didn't want to go back, it was so beautiful out there and who knows when I'm going to see the ocean again!

The wind was pushing me along on the way back and my leg was feeling really good so I ran just a tiny bit in the nice soft sand. That felt really good! But I was good and didn't run too much!

When I got back we got everything packed up and said goodbye to our house for the week. (When George talks about it he calls it "Grandpa's house by the beach." I don't think 3 year olds quite understand rental houses.)

We stopped by my grandparents' house for one more quick visit before we started the drive back to Raleigh for the flight home.

It was so great to see them!

Aren't they so cute, watching us drive away?

We stopped for lunch on the way, then got some snacks at the airport while we waited for our flight.

This time we had a lay-over so it took a lot longer to get home. It was dark by the time we left Atlanta and Elle asked me to take a picture because she thought it was so beautiful!

By the time we got home it was about 1am and we were all very glad to be back in our own city! It seemed like fall had arrived while we were gone and it felt so good to have it be nice and cool and NOT humid!

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