Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Coldest Play-date Ever

Yesterday I had the bright idea to have our running group meet at the park so the kids (who are still out for Christmas Break) could play and we could run around the park. Really only one other person from my running group ended up coming, but my kids we excited to play with her kids. We got all bundled up and Ethan and Elle requested to ride their bikes. I was like, "sure, why not?" They had their good gloves and coats and hats so I thought they would be fine. Really I should have checked the temperature before allowing this.

This is what it was when I finally checked it at home.

Mindy stayed home to read one of her many new books she got for Christmas, and George wore his snowsuit in the stroller so he stayed toasty warm. He actually seemed to have a really good time, kicking his legs and just being happy the whole time!

The park is about a mile from our house so I got a good warm up in. I felt pretty good when we got there, but my friend wasn't there so I texted her to make sure she was coming. While I was doing this, Ethan slid down the double poles, way too fast because of the frost, and smashed his face on the ground. He came over with a bloody nose and lip so I ran into the nearby building to get some tissues for him. When I got back out, my friend was there, but she still had to bundle her kids up. I ran a lap (.25 mile) while I waited, but when I got done with that, Ethan and Elle were cold and just wanted to go home. I didn't want them to get any colder since they still had to ride their bikes home, so we just left. Luckily, my friend had invited her sister-in-law so she wasn't alone. Poor Elle cried pretty much the whole way home, and I ended up walking a lot trying to get her to keep going. I felt terrible!

So, I only did about 2 miles. I could have gone back out when we got home, but it was so cold! I just didn't have it in me. So, after our cookies and hot chocolate, I did the "Slim Chance" workout from Nike Training Club which was a really good workout!

Once we got home, Elle warmed up right away and was fine. I don't think she'll be scared for life or anything. We went out to lunch with Pete and had nice relaxing day, playing video games and watching movies, the rest of the day.

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