Monday, December 26, 2011

December Sickies Round 1

After I sprained my wrist (See Snowboarding Fiasco), I didn't run on Tuesday because it hurt too bad to even shake it around. Plus I was really really sore from those big crashes, and it was enough work just trying to take care of George and myself. Then George got sick.

He was throwing up Wednesday and Thursday. It was so sad. He was just so pathetic and I had to pretty much hold him all the time. :(

Mindy was a little sick for just like half a day. It's weird how differently it affects everyone. Then Ethan missed school Thursday and Friday.

But Friday, Mindy got to go on a ski trip with the whole 4th grade. I think they went to Park City. She was so excited when we picked up her rentals the night before:

Here's another picture of me holding the sick baby, though I think he's feeling a bit better here. You can just see a little bit of my wrist brace on my left hand at the bottom.

Saturday was our ward Christmas party, and luckily everyone was better so we could go to that because we got to see Santa and Mrs. Claus!

George really liked Santa. He would have been totally fine with me leaving him with him! It was so great to have him feeling better!

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