Monday, December 26, 2011

December Sickies Round 2

Last week we all got the stomach bug again! I couldn't believe it, we had all just gotten better! It was so not fun.

I went running early Monday morning at the gym, after George sleeping all night long. It was so nice!

But then he got sick so that was not nice. It was so sudden Monday night, then he just kept dry heaving every 20 minutes during the night. It was so awful.

Ethan lucked out and only threw up once in the middle of the night on Tuesday, while he was sleeping, then he felt better in the morning. How does that even happen!?

Wednesday the air quality was back to green, and it was a nice day so I really had to go run outside! I just ran around our neighborhood for a total of 3.5 miles. Ethan and Elle road their bikes and Mindy ran with me for the first 1k loop! But then they got cold and went inside.

Other than that, I didn't really workout much because either I was worried about my wrist with swimming, or I didn't want to leave the kids when they were sick, or I was too sick to do anything.

I got sick Thursday night, after a nice relaxing day, followed quickly by the girls. We were all throwing up all night so I was really thankful that Pete felt ok and was able to take care of everyone. I'm also really, really thankful that I have The Priesthood in my home. Until Pete gave me a healing blessing, I was seriously throwing up every 10-15 minutes and I was wondering how I was going to make it through the night! After the blessing, it calmed down to every hour or so, then stopped by 2 or 3am so I was able to get a little sleep. Mindy said she was up until 5 throwing up.

Yeah, it was pretty much the worst night ever.

Luckily I felt kind of better in the morning because then it was Pete's turn to be sick. Luckily Ethan was feeling good so he could feed George in the morning before I felt good enough to be up. And luckily George is just the best baby ever! He just played, then took a really good nap. Most of all, luckily we were all pretty much better by Christmas Eve!

I spent all day Christmas Eve getting the house cleaned and sterilized for Christmas. We borrowed Pete's brother's steam cleaner which helped a lot! Now I really hope we're done cleaning up throw-up for the rest of the year! What a month!

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