Monday, February 27, 2012

George's First Haircut and Snowboarding

First things first, George got his first haircut last night! It was kind of a sad event, and I'm pretty sure Pete's still mad at me for doing it. Here's a couple before shots:

George did pretty well, and only fussed a little bit. Here he is with his short hair:

In a way I miss his long hair, but I don't miss it always getting food in it, and always having a big rat's nest in the back. Sigh. He's still our cute, sweet little baby and that's what matters.

Today was a wonderful day because Pete and I got to go snowboarding! Thank you so much to Amber and Ginny for taking care of my babies!

That's my man! :)

The mountains, as aways, were beautiful.

I was totally spoiled last time with the nice soft, deep snow. This time there wasn't really any powder and I'd get going much faster when I'd try to turn so it took some getting used to. We had heard they were getting dumped on up there on Saturday, what the heck?! I eventually got back into my groove, though, and we had a great time.

We did 3 runs, stopped and had some apples, walnuts, boiled eggs, and split a Ritter Sport before heading back up for 2 more runs.

We were sad to be done after that, but knew we needed to get back to the kids, and decided it was better not to totally leave everything up on the mountain. I didn't want to be dead for the rest of the day like I was last time! Of course, that may have been because I was sick too. Who knows.

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