Sunday, February 19, 2012

Recovery Week & Return to Healthy Eating

Boy am I glad this week was a recovery week because I needed it! After snowboarding on Monday (which was awesome!) I got sick, and didn't workout at all Tuesday or Wednesday. I just tried to sleep as much as possible and think recovery thoughts. The trouble is that when I'm not working out, I have a hard time sleeping! Arg!

Thursday, I slept in again because I had a tough night, but did end up doing a trainer ride that night. I decided I would try out Downton Abbey because I keep hearing about it, and luckily it's on Hulu so I get to watch it! It even has the whole season so far on there so I don't have to miss anything! Nice.

It was a nice, easy, hour-long ride and Downton Abbey was fun to watch while I rode. I actually wanted to go for another hour so I could watch the next episode! But I had to get to bed so I could make sure and get to swimming on Friday. And what do you know, I slept really well that night!

Friday I did really good getting up early and getting ready for swimming, but then George woke up, and I couldn't get him back to sleep until after 6 so I ended up being 18 minutes (Yes, I know exactly when I got there!) late for masters. I just did a short warmup and jumped right into their drill set. Chris left early, but we did get to do a hard set of 8 x 50 on 1:10 first. Fun stuff!

Saturday I did a really easy run. I was going to go 6 miles, but on the way back I was still coughing and not feeling great so I reminded myself there was no need to push it, and took the shorter way home. I ended up with 5.41 miles, and I was tired! I hope next week I can be back to my normal self!

That night, I went to the Banff outdoor film festival with Pete, and it was so much fun! We saw some great films documenting things like a 9-year old bouldering prodigy, a guy who took 3 years to cross Asia on horseback, and some guys who climbed an 8000 meter peek in winter. Wow, people can do some pretty amazing things!

I also made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and have eaten like a million of them this weekend! Not good. I mean, they are good. They are SO good! But I don't feel good eating them, and I really want to get back onto the healthy eating train.

Pete and I did really well for a while, and we've kind of fallen off. For the most part, I still eat mostly really healthy food, but I just love cookies so much!

I just ran across this video that starts out kind of slow and cheesy, but they really have some good information! It explains really well what we try to eat, and why it's better to eat butter, eggs and bacon than a muffin or even "healthy" cereal. It's a good reminder for me to be more careful with my sugar intake and to eat more sweet potatoes. Yum!

They are going to make a spiel at the end to sell their program to you, and you can watch that if you want, but I'm not trying to sell you on that, and she pretty much says it all in the video.

PS - Gotta love Isabelle, she's awesome! :)

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