Thursday, February 2, 2012

Swimming, Running and Spinning in Circles

Elle likes to play this dress-up game and take pictures of her creations on my phone. I found this on there today.
Fitting. :)

Of course, Ethan was sick again yesterday, so I didn't get my run in, but I did go to early morning masters! Yay, I always love to swim! Here's what we did:
200 swim stroke
100 kick
200 swim free
2 x (200, 100, 50) first time with paddles and pull, second time free
500 ladder (started out with fins, but my foot was cramping too bad so I took them off and tried to keep up!)
2 x 50 all out for time (:42 both times)
150 cool down
1850 total

That boy is going back to school tomorrow!

Last night, Pete gave me a massage. Taking that couple's massage class back in like '07 was one of the best investments we've ever made! I never paid for a massage the whole time I was training for Ironman. I had kind of forgotten that Pete gives such a good massage, and my back felt so much better afterwards! It's still a little sore today, but not nearly as bad. I'm planning on talking him into another one tomorrow.

This morning, I slept in a little and had a hard time getting out of bed, but I made it! I went and ran on the track at the gym.

It actually wasn't this crowded the whole time. These ladies would run in every once and a while, do one lap, and run out. It must have been for a class that was going on or something.

I ran for 10 minutes to warm up, then I alternated fast/slow laps for 20 minutes, using my iPhone to keep track of laps and time.

Here's my first 4 laps:

And, here's the last 4:

This is such a good, hard workout. I love being able to run as fast as I can just for 30 seconds. I can actually focus that long and stay on track.

So, let's see, the track is 15 laps to a mile, so the 30 second ones were 7:30 min/mile pace, and the 50 second ones were 12:30 min/mile. Not too bad right? I mean, it slows you down having to turn so much!

A total of 32 laps is a little over 2 miles. Oh yeah!

Then another easy 10 minutes to cool down.

I really wanted to wear my heart rate monitor today for this, but I couldn't find the watch that goes with it in the dark. I'll have to try to find it before my next run.

After dropping the kids off at school, getting George down for a nap, and Ethan started on his homework (I really should have made him go to school today, but he said he still felt sick! It's so hard to know.), I got on the trainer and did an easy ride for 45 minutes with just a few 1 minute pick-ups at the end. It was good to just get on the bike.

And here's just a cute picture of George, he was in such a get-into-everything mood today! Such a sweet little trouble-maker!

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