Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snowboarding With Brittany

I love Brighton Ski Resort so much! Ok, so I've only been to one other place, and that was Wolf Mountain, but they are like apples and oranges! I had been planning a snowboarding girls trip to Wolf Mountain with my friend, Brittany, and some of her friends because we all had passes there for Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week. I was the only one with a pass to Brighton on Monday because we have different Pass of All Passes, and Pete couldn't go Monday so I was ok with just going with them to Wolf Mountain. But her friends both wanted to go Wednesday, and it was snowing in Park City (which usually means Brighton too) on Sunday! I asked Brittany if she would just go to Brighton with me Monday if I paid for half her lift ticket. That was a good deal for her, and still a good deal for me to be able to go to Brighton for only $25!

Monday morning I took my recovery socks off from the half marathon, and put on my snowboarding socks!

It was a beautiful day, and we were so excited to see all the pillows of snow on the trees! It looked really cool.

Excited to get going!

We did so many runs, I didn't even keep track of how many. Maybe 5 or 6? I don't know, it was just go, go go! Brittany was so fun to snowboard with. I would just follow her lead, making turns all the way down the mountain. It was awesome because I really felt like I was finally getting it! She was also really encouraging and fun to ride with, telling me to find a jump to try out and things like that. There was one particular place we got to where I was like, "It's pretty steep!" and she was just like, "go head." I started down, and she told me, "just cut it." So I did! I turned, and I made it! It was such a good feeling! I did do one little jump too. It was nothing big, but it was fun and made me feel good!

It's just so magical up there, I can hardly even stand it!

On our second to last run, I cam around a corner and heard Brittany calling my name. I saw her pointing and thought she was just letting me know where she was going, but then I got closer and saw a bunch of people stopped and something in the middle of the groomer. After a second, I realized it was a porcupine! (See the little dot in the middle of the above photo?) He was just walking around calmly like it was no big deal. Of course, this was his home! One snowboarder, got really close to him, and kind of shooed it off the path. It was just so calm and cute, but I didn't dare get very close so you can't even tell what it is in this picture:

As you can see, he was off in the trees when we went past, but he acted like he wanted to get back up on the packed snow, which I can understand - It's much easier to walk on!

We spent most of our time on Snake Creek over on the right side, but for our last run we made it way over to go up the far left run (I can never remember the name), and we got to cut through some fun powder on the way. We were lucky to get on since Brittany had a half-day pass which expires at 12:30 and it was like 12:38 when we got on the lift! They didn't even check, though, so that was nice!

It started snowing when we got to the top, and it was really pretty so we had to take some pictures (not that you can even tell):

As you can see, we're right off the lift, in everyone's way!

At one point Brittany said that she was starting to get tired, and I said, "Yeah, I think I am too." I said that because I knew I should be getting tired, but I really wasn't feeling it. It was weird! The only time I started to feel it was at the very end when we cut way back to the right to get to the lodge before heading home, and I was on my toe edge for a long time. Then my calves just started burning! Then I knew, even though I hated to leave, it was probably good to be done too.

It was just such a fun day snowboarding, I loved it! The snow was soft and beautiful, I did really well and only had a few soft falls, and I had great company! Hopefully we'll get to go out together at least one more time this year.

My legs were so sore that night! I wish I could tell when they were that tired while I'm up there so I know to stop. Maybe it's a good thing I don't.

That night I also starting to feel sick! I didn't know if it was just from over-doing it snowboarding or if I was really getting sick. The next day I knew for sure that I was sick. My body just couldn't regulate its temperature, and I just didn't feel good. My legs felt better, but now my neck, shoulders and biceps were really sore so I just tried to get as much rest as possible. Even though it was Valentine's day, I didn't really do anything special for dinner, I just got soup and sandwich stuff from the store. I did make heart pancakes for breakfast, though!

Today I felt much better, and even though I really wanted to go to swimming, I decided to take one more day off. Mindy was home sick today with the same thing I had so hopefully she's better tomorrow.

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