Monday, November 16, 2009

Hill Run

I didn't do my long run on Saturday. In fact, I didn't run at all because it snowed and was freaking cold, but I figured it would be ok since I had that impromptu, awesome, almost long run on Friday.

Today I woke up feeling really tired and sick to my stomach so I didn't even plan on doing a run. I did make it to the store with Elle, though, and she was just so cute and good at the store that I came home feeling so much better! It's amazing how much control that girl has over my mood!

When the afternoon rolled around, I decided to leave Ethan and Elle with Pete and run during Mindy's ballet class. The ballet studio is up in The Avenues to I got to take off from there, and I just headed up (and I mean up) 2nd Ave. for 2 miles. It was really hard work, and I was pretty slow. Here are my first 2 mile splits:

1. 9:52
2. 11:32 (this is where it got steep)

I turned around at the top, and got to run down the hill. That is so fun! I love being able to go that fast. How do people do it on flat ground?? Even though it's easier, I think running that fast down the hill helps me know what it's like to go that fast. It gets my legs used to going that fast, or gets me used to seeing the scenery going by that fast, or something. I just kept telling myself, "Ok, this is how fast I need to go on Saturday." Here are my last 2 mile splits:

3. 8:09
4. 8:31

It was a fun run even though I forgot my ipod, and it was cold (27 degrees according to my car). My hands were cold for the first 10 minutes, but then I was fine, and I listened to my keys rattling around in my back pocket. I could have been annoyed by that, but I decided to just use the sound as my running beat. It's always fun running over all the fallen leaves too.

Note: It couldn't have really been that cold. It won't get much colder than that all winter so, if it was really that cold, I should be able to run all winter just fine.

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