Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Own 5k

Today I was planning on doing a 5k with my sister up in Logan (an hour and a half from here). I was going to go up last night and have a fun girl's night, sans kids, then do the race in the morning.

Well, when I talked to my sister last night, she told me she had to work this morning so she wouldn't be able to do the race. Well, I didn't want to go do it if she wasn't doing it. That was my whole reason for going up so I just stayed home. It looked like it might snow up there anyway.

This morning was a nice loung-around-in-bed kind of morning, then we went out to breakfast. I love going out to breakfast! Then we did some shopping. We got home just before 1:00 and I made an appointment for me and Mindy to get our hair cut at 2:00. At around this same time my brother (who also lives in Logan) invited us over for dinner tonight. Well, that meant I couldn't go running after our hair appointment so I had to hurry and go before! I couldn't not go, I just got a new sports bra and had to try it out! Plus I'd been looking forward to running today all week. It's weird that I get excited about running now...

I had planned on doing a long-ish run today, 6-7 miles, but since I only had an hour I decided to do my own little 5k to see how fast I could do it.

I headed out, and ran for about a mile, getting warmed up, then I turned on my Garmin and let the pain begin. My goal was to finish in under 27 minutes. To do this, I had to keep my pace at around 8:30, and it was really hard for the last 2 miles, but I did it!

Distance: 3.1 miles

Time: 26:14 (WOOT!)

Mile splits:
  1. 8:28
  2. 8:33
  3. 8:24
  4. :48
My max pace was 6:00/mile! Wow. It wasn't for very long, though. It was during my first mile, and I started off way to fast. I probably should have paced myself a little better, looking at my data chart, my speed was all over the place! But I'm happy that I met my goal even if I felt like my heart was going to explode and I was going to throw up for most of the time!

Having done an Ironman, I now know that anything is possible. It seems more impossible for me to get fast at running than to do the Ironman, but I am encouraged that I've been able to speed up this much so far! Who knows, maybe I'll be fast one day!

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  1. OMG thats brilliant!!! and YES you can run faster, you're proving that right now!