Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Hills Please

It was 50 degrees today! Yeah! I've been planning on doing a bike ride today ever since I saw the weather forecast. Even though it was so much warmer today, I still felt cold and hesitant about a ride. Not to mention I was having severe period cramps. That didn't help. While I was making my pre-ride pb&j, I seriously was having a hard time even standing up strait, and then it hurt to sit down too. I just kept thinking that I would be justified if I was just lazy and took a nice hot bath instead. But I knew that doing something active would make me feel better. It always does, even if it seems like the worst thing to do at the time.

I also knew that a hot bath after a good bike ride would be so much better than just a hot bath so I got myself all dressed up to go, and got Elle all comfy in the bike trailer. She fell asleep right away, like usual. She's like clock-work, that girl! Of course, having a nap means she's trying to use her cuteness to stay up as late as possible right now.

I added more hills than I usually do with the bike trailer today, and it was hard work! I rode on the bike path along Beck Street up to North Salt Lake (almost bountiful...), and I didn't take it easy on that hill either. I worked it! I got my heart-rate up nice and high, and got myself nice and warm too. That's not too hard of a hill when I'm by myself, but with Elle, it's a different thing.

After our ride, I took Elle over to the river where the ducks are and we fed them some old bread. There were a lot of hungry ducks, so luckily a guy with 2 big bags of bread crumbs got there at the same time as us, and he let us throw out some of his bread too.

I rode (or was out, I'm not sure if I stopped my timer at the ducks or not) for an hour and a half, and went about 14.5 miles.

When we got home, I did get my hot bath, along with hot cocoa, and it was very nice. I felt so good for the whole ride, and as soon as I got home the cramps came back, but they weren't as bad. I knew the bike ride would do me good. Out of all the bike rides I've done, there's only one where I thought, "Man, I shouldn't have gone," and that was the one where it was pouring, freezing cold rain and my ankles were all purple when I got home. I felt a little stupid for going out in that, but hey, it was still a learning experience.

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