Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Love Fall

I hear people say, "I love fall!" a lot, and I always just think, "Why??" How can you like something that takes away the beautiful, warm summer, and brings in the cold, snow-filled winter?

The past few days have been SO nice that I've decided that I really need to just enjoy the season, and not dread what follows it.

I have also decided not to renew my gym membership. I'm going to see how it goes doing my workouts outside or at home for a while.

Wednesday was just the perfect day for a bike ride. About 60 degrees and no wind. I hooked the good ol' bike trailer up to my TT bike and took Elle out for about 1:15. It was a really good workout, and I pushed really hard. It was a fun ride.

Thursday I took the kids to the high school track. My plan was to do 2 1-mile repeats, and have the kids just play on the field while I did them. It was really windy, and the kids were having fun playing with a paper airplane I made them, and in the sand, but it didn't last long. I managed to warm up and get one mile done before Mindy needed to go to the bathroom. That mile took me 8:39 too! It's so much harder to run outside, especially in the wind!

I had to take Mindy back over to the school to go to the bathroom. That took 20 minutes, and I didn't really want to try going back after that. I kind of felt like I whimped out on this workout, but one mile is better than nothing.

I didn't do anything on Friday except work on my quilt, take the kids to the zoo to see the baby elephant (she's so cute!), and go see They Might Be Giants that night. They were so awesome, and it was such a fun night!

Today we rode bikes to the gateway (2 miles away) and back with the kids. That was my only workout for the day. Well, that, and bagging about a million leaves in my yard.

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  1. I love seasons. After growing up in St. George then moving to Phoenix I've never known seasons until now. They are all really beautiful...and a huge hassle when you have a yard (mowing , raking, shoveling). The leaves are daunting at our house. Also, I'm REALLY glad the kids are ok!