Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whiskey Springs

Two weeks ago, Pete went to New York for 5 days and the kids had 3 of those days off school so we headed up to Heber to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the great company of my Dad and his sweet wife.

The kids had a great time playing with all their neighborhood friends while my dad was at work, and of course loved all the time they could spend with Grandpa when he was at home. On Saturday we took the kids on a little trip to Whiskey Springs. It's a little state park not far from town that I remember going to when I was a little kid, and we always loved it. There's a very short trail that just goes up the mountain a little then comes back down into the picnic area so we took the kids on that a couple times.

The sun was kind of in a bad place for taking pictures, and unfortunately, the leaves had already faded quite a bit, but it was still beautiful.

We also explored a rock-slide just above the trail where someone had built 2 little forts out of the rocks. It was pretty cool, and I really enjoyed just sitting up there soaking it all in!

Of course they HAD to get in the river while we were there.

Ethan found a piece of wood shaped like a crocodile head!

Both Mindy and Elle fell in and got all wet and cold. Luckily Mindy's casts are water-proof, and luckily I had extra clothes in the car. Miraculously, Ethan managed to stay pretty much dry.

Sometimes there are a lot of really friendly squirrels there, but we didn't see any this trip. Maybe they were just too busy getting ready for winter to entertain visitors. Mindy did leave a cookie for them, though.

While we were in Heber, I splurged and made these Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls:

If you're obsessed with pumpkin, like I am, at this time of year, you should give them a try. Mine turned out HUGE! I had to bake them in 2 pans, and they were really good the next morning for breakfast too. (I'm not saying that was a healthy breakfast...)

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