Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moving Along and Moving Up

Yesterday I got an email from Utah Valley Marathon telling me that I am registered for June! It was automatic because I had had them transfer this year's race registration to next year. I knew it was going to happen, but not it's official!

I also got a phone call from my sister at 11:30 last night so I was a little worried something was wrong. Why would she be calling me so late?! Turns out she got the same email and is also registered for the marathon! We weren't sure if hers would transfer over because they never emailed her back.

So, not only do I need to get myself into the marathon frame of mind, I also get to put my "coaching/encouraging" hat on for my sister. I'm so excited she's going to try again to do it with me! Last time I talked to her, she was totally against it so I'm happy she got that little bit of motivation in her email yesterday!

She hasn't been running at all so I told her to run 2-3 miles today and that I would do the same.

This morning, Pete took the kids to school since he was taking the car to get some work done on it. That was different! There have been very few days in their school career that I didn't take them in.

Anyway, this just gave Elle and I extra time to get ready and decide what we wanted to do about this run. I couldn't have her ride her bike with me because it has a flat tire and I can't even get the pump onto that little tiny (12 inch) tire to pump it up, so I gave her the option of riding in the stroller or going to the childcare at the gym. She chose the stroller, and I was kind of glad because I'd rather run outside for as long as I can. It was a really nice cool day today too!

I ran about 2 miles with her. I almost brought the Garmin with me to measure the distance, but then it was dead so I didn't. It probably would have made me cry to see how slow I actually go anyway. At one point, a guy passed us and Elle told me she wanted to go faster, and I just thought, "So do I!" I couldn't go faster, though. I just had to be content with the fact that I was running at all. It was pretty fun. Just like last time, it took me about half-way to really get into it and get past the side aches or whatever it is I've been getting. The end was great!

When we got home, we decided to try lowering the seat on Mindy's bike to see if Elle could ride it (since Mindy can't really ride it right now anyway), and she could! It's got 16-inch wheels, and it's a little tricky for her to get started and stop since her feet don't quite reach the ground, but it looks like it fits her really well while she's riding it. We went once around the block with it before finishing off the run.

After I stretched and showered, Elle was all excited to ride Mindy's bike some more, and we had a bunch of library books to take back so we rode our bikes to the library, about a mile away. Elle is super fast on that bike! The ride to the library used to be such a big deal, and she did it like it was nothing! She was just cruising along, and at a pretty comfortable pace for me. Not once did I have to slow down for her or look back to see if she was coming. She stayed ahead of me or right alongside me. I was super impressed! There really is something to having the right fit on your bike (even if you're 4).

Pete just asked me if 4 years old is too young to begin grooming for a career in pro cycling! Haha! She really is good, though!

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  1. That is so fun with Elle! Coke I think it's so great that from the moment your kids remember their childhood, they will know that fitness is so important and fun in life! What an example you are! So your still going to go for the marathon! I'm way excited for you and Katie!