Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rockin' the Orange Casts

I'm 26 weeks along today, and my baby's the size of an eggplant! Wahoo!

Yesterday morning we took Mindy in to the Orthopedist to get her casts. I was kind of hoping she would end up not needing one, at least on her right arm, but she did. The doctor told us it was pretty much up to us, that we could just do a brace, but that if she's very active it would be safer to do a cast. Same with her left arm, the doctor told us we could just do the cast up to the elbow, but with both bones broken they could get end up turning funny. So, we just went with the safest possible solution of casts on both arms, and with the one on the left going above her elbow. Not so fun for her, but hopefully this way it will heal properly and we won't have to worry so much.

She chose orange for both. Perfect for Halloween. Also really good to hold up while crossing the street.

Being the resilient kid that she is, she's already adapting to the new casts. Here she is doing her best to play the drums for Beatles Rock Band last night for Family Night.

She gets them off November 1.

After the doctor, we dropped Elle off at preschool, then Mindy off at her school, and I had time to go swim! I did a total of 1950 yards as:

200 kickboard with fins
200 swim
200 pull buoy with paddles
200 swim

500 swim
500 pull buoy with paddles

100 backstroke to cool-down

25 to take the kickboard and flippers back across the pool, then dive back in and 25 backstroke to my stuff and get out. That's pretty much what I've been doing every time I go to the pool. Nothing major, but a nice little workout.

It was fun, and I got done just in time to go pick Elle up from preschool. Whew!


  1. wow 500 buoy WITH paddles! nice! Solid workout dear!

    Love the double orange and hope she gets them off and hits the ground running. Sounds like that's the way she rolls.

  2. Poor girl...lucklily one month will fly!

    Cheers from Tokyo!