Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

On Monday, for family night, we decided to go up to the pumpkin patch in Farmington. Elle had gone earlier in the day with her preschool and had a lot of fun so we thought we'd give the other kids a chance to see it and to pick their own pumpkins.

It was really cool to see that huge field full of pumpkins, and it was fun for the kids to pick their own. Ethan, of course, picked one so big he could hardly carry it!

They also had a little hay maze that the kids had a blast running though several times. Elle knew her way around it really well from coming earlier, and took me right though it. It was really cold, and we didn't stay long, but it was place to go.

After we got our pumpkins, we decided to drive up Farmington Canyon to where the snow had fallen the night before. It was a beautiful drive and the kids had fun pretending they were scared that we would fall off the cliff.

Every time we go on little drives like this, or in any way get into the mountains, it always makes me feel very grateful to live here in Utah. It is such a beautiful state!

This is looking down on the Great Salt Lake.

THe next day, Elle had me help her decorate her little pumpkin like a kitten. Her name is Freckles, and I think she's just the cutest pumpkin in the patch!

Here's the back.

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