Sunday, December 27, 2009

8 Week 10k Plan

Christmas was wonderful and busy around here. We got to spend it with a lot of family and have a lot of fun opening presents, eating good food, and playing Beatles Rock Band. Plus we went to Sherlock Holmes so it was a pretty awesome day!

New PJs on Christmas morning.

Santa brought Linkin' Logs - just like what we used to play with when we were kids! So fun!

We had some delicious eggs benedict for breakfast (if I do say so myself).

Elle did her own hair (with a little help) and she's making her, "I'm cute" face. She's so funny!

Me and my sister, Katie.

Elle and her cousin, Aria.

Now it's getting close to New Years, and you know what that means. Resolutions for the new year, and for me, that includes training resolutions. I don't function very well without a training plan. It's now been...oh, I don't know how long, probably 6 months since I've had a real training plan. I've decided to remedy that by making my own. I've never done this before, I've always just found training plans online and followed them so we'll see how this goes.

First of all, I need something to work towards, and I found the perfect race! It's a 10k in Ogden put on by Striders Specialty Running, and it's the weekend before my "official" marathon training starts! I'm excited to see how fast I can do it.

Now for my training plan. I'm not completely on my own creating this one. I used chicrunner's plan for inspiration, and I also found this 10k plan that had a lot of speed work to look at. I only used 4 out of the 6 runs it suggests, though, and added some swimming and spin classes because we can't forget those. Also, Sunday isn't on there because that is my rest day.

(click on the picture to get a bigger view)

If you know more about training plans than me, does this look good to you? Does it look do-able? I really hope I can do it, but I might be adjusting a few things after I get started. We'll see.

Tomorrow morning we are heading to St. George to see some more family so I don't know how well I'm going to do with the first week, but I'm brining my bike and hoping to at least get a good ride in while I'm there. I think I will also get up and do my swim workout before we go. I haven't really done anything for the past 5 days so I really need to make sure I do something tomorrow! I'm so excited to have some warmer weather for a few days!!


  1. We just got back from St. George! Ethnie got the same pj's as Elle, cute pictures!

  2. I like your training plan! I decided to follow my dream of competing in an Ironman a couple of months ago. I meet with a personal trainer 5 days a week and have seen good results that I can actually track with a Polar AS400 system. Thanks for your inspiring posts!!