Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This morning when my alarm got off, I took Sonja's advice and just didn't think. I just got up, got my stuff, ate, and headed to the pool. True, I did sit in the locker room for a few minutes with my head against the wall and wondered what I was doing there, but at least I made it!

Eventually I made it out to the pool and started warming up. I did:

200 kick board and flippers
200 swim
200 pull buey
200 swim

Then I decided to do some fast 100s. I started them every 2:00 and here are my times:
  1. 1:40 (wahoo!)
  2. 1:50
  3. 1:50
  4. 1:55
  5. 1:50
After that I decided to just do 500 all out and see if I could do it in under 10:00. I couldn't. I finished that in 10:08. Dang. I've definitely lost some speed, and I have a long way to go before Battle at Midway. That's just gives me something to work on though!

After the 500 I just cooled down by doing 100 slow and 100 on my back.

In all, that totals 2000 meters. That's not bad. I'm sure my arms will be feeling it later.

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  1. See girl, you got in 2K, and all that without thinking! Nice job on those hundreds. Clearly someone was feeling a bit sparky for that 1:40. Good on ya! Keep it up, just gettin in that work. BAM is going to go your direction only with LOTSA work. I wanna see you at Nationals this year!