Saturday, December 19, 2009

Running On A Treadmill Is HARD!

Today the air is still really bad so I had to do my "long" run at the gym, on the treadmill.

I thought I'd do 7 miles because that's what I did last time, but I didn't realize how hard that would be! I tried to run with the speed on 6 (10 minute mile pace, easy right?), but I couldn't even keep that up for more than a mile. Most of the time, my speed was on 5, and my heart-rate was still really high (in the 170s) for pretty much the whole time!

I found myself just trying to make it to 3.5 miles because that would be half-way. That was hard. I haven't wanted to just quit running like that for a long time! I had to keep compelling myself not to stop and walk the whole time. When I got to around 4 miles, I actually had to slow down and walk for a minute, and I decided that I'd be happy with 6 miles. I started running again, but not for very long before I decided to take a bathroom break.

Having that little break helped a little, and I was able to make it the 2 more miles I needed to get to 6 miles. I put the speed up to 6 for the last half-mile, and it was like sprinting. I'm thinking the speed has got to be off on that treadmill or something was wrong with me. Or is that just the way treadmills are?

My favorite part was running the 3 blocks home. Muse was singing, "NO ONE'S GONNA TAKE ME ALIVE. YOU AND I MUST FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES...," I was being self propelled, going at my own speed, instead of being compelled to keep moving by a machine. Running outside is so awesome!

I really am grateful for treadmills, though. I probably wouldn't have even gone today if I had to run outside. The air is so bad right now, you can especially tell now that it's dark, yuck!

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