Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Feeling Nostalgic

This morning we slept in until almost 9:30! Our room is just pitch black and there's no clock in there so there's no way to tell what time it was. I had this plan to get up, get some waffles from the free breakfast downstairs then go running and have plenty of time to shower before we checked out. Well, this is what I get for over planning everything! Breakfast was over at 9, and we had to check out by 10 so we had to just hurry and get out of there.

We went over to Pete's mom and dad's house to see everyone again before we left, and have cinnamon rolls. I had one roll, then headed out for my run. I'm kind of off schedule for my new plan, but that's ok. I had 2 runs to choose from, and I decided to run over to the track at Dixie College to do 400 meter intervals.

I went to college at Dixie, and that track is the first place I ever really ran. I would go in the evenings with my roommates who were tough soccer girls, and I remember being so amazed when I worked up to 2 miles.

So, after running to the track which took 6 minutes, I did one nice easy lap to finish warming up before starting my intervals. I'd do a fast lap, then a slow recovery lap. I really tried to do my fast laps in 2:00. Here are my times:
  1. 2:06
  2. 2:01
  3. 2:00
  4. 2:00 (these ones I thought I was going so fast)
  5. 2:05
  6. 1:51
Some people came just before I did that last one, a guy and a girl and the girl looked like a soccer girl, like my roommates who taught me how to run. I wonder where they are now...

I also stopped before the last one to find a good song to help me go fast. Sweet Caroline, you'll have to wait for the run home. I got a good Muse song going (not all Muse songs will cut it for intervals btw) then did my last lap as fast as I could. I think it also helped that I wanted those people to think I was fast! Ah vanity.

I was very happy with that 1:51 even though I had to walk for a minute when it was over, and I ran home feeling really good! The song I listened to seemed to sum up how I was feeling: "Sweet ba ba... Good times never seemed so good!"

I ran back the same way I used to walk to the park with Mindy, and a little dog barked at me that I remembered barking at me before. When I got close to Pete's parent's house (across the street from said park), I wasn't ready to quit so I ran up the little hill and around the temple that Pete and I were married in. I just felt so happy, and so glad to be running outside again!

It was cold for St. George, probably in the high 30s and starting to get stormy, but I thought it was a perfect day for a run! Later in the afternoon, it even almost started snowing so we knew we needed to get started driving home because the roads might be bad. It seemed a very fitting end of the trip to listen to Weezer as we left St. George. Every time I listen to the blue album, I can't help remembering dancing to it on an upside down table (???) with those same roommates who I used to run with. Good times.

It did snow most of the way up, but the roads weren't too bad until we got to Salt Lake so that was a relief. When we got home, there was about 5-6 inches of new snow in our driveway, and inside our house it was 41 degrees since we had turned the heater off. It's still getting warmed up, but we had a nice evening sitting in front of the fire. The kids all went to bed with extra blankets and sweaters on. I hope they'll be warm enough! It's so cold here! Yuck. Right now I miss St. George!

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