Thursday, December 10, 2009

Not Going Anywhere

Pete went to San Francisco on Sunday and, despite my hinting about him leaving his laptop here, he brought it with him. He thought for sure he'd need it. I wanted to ask, "What for, taking notes?" But I figured he knew what he was talking about.

He got back last night, and he hadn't even opened his laptop once. Oh well, I guess now we know I can survived without the internet for 4 days! I did tweet from my phone but I couldn't read any tweets or anything, so sorry if you felt like I've been ignoring you for the past few days.

I really needed a plan B for working out this week. Not only because Pete was gone so I didn't have anyone to watch Elle, but because I don't think it's gotten any warmer than 20 degrees all week. Brrr! What happened to my toughing it out and running outside all winter? Well, that didn't last long did it? I would be scared to run on the icy, slushy, snowy sidewalks/streets right now anyway, not to mention it's hard to even breath out there sometimes.

Anyway, to make a long story short ("Too late!"), I went in and got the All County Gold Pass I was telling you about. It's great, and when the new, big rec. center opens up right by my house, I'll already be a member!

For now, the closest rec. center (that has the free daycare) is about 3 miles away, and it's a pretty dinky little gym, but it's got everything I need including a pool so I'm happy to be able to go. Elle really likes it too. She didn't even put up a fight the first day we went, just sat down and started coloring. The second time we went, it took me 10 minutes to get her to leave. I think part of the reason she likes it so much is that it's not very crowded. There were only a few other kids in there with her, and that's how the gym is too. There's no fear of not getting a machine here! Plus the lady at the daycare is really friendly and talkative which is nice.

Ok, so the first day there was Monday:

I got on the treadmill and, after warming up, I decided to try putting it on 7. The other day I told my sister about my run on Saturday and she said, "Wow, that's almost 7 miles an hour!" I hadn't even thought of it that way, but she's used to running on a treadmill so that's how she thinks about running speed. Well, I thought, if I can run 7 miles in almost an hour, I should be able to put the treadmill on 7 for at least 3 or 4 miles...


Oh my gosh, I could not believe how hard it was running on the treadmill! I was able to do the 7, but only for a mile. I did 3 miles total, and I was dead! I couldn't stay long that day because by the time we got there, we only had a little more than half an hour before the daycare closed.
I had been so worried about getting signed up and figuring out where everything was, that I forgot my ipod too. I blamed the hard, monotonousness of the treadmill on that.

The next day it snowed really hard, and I didn't want to drive any further than I had to so I just hung out at home, worked on my quilts and shoveled snow when not driving the kids around.

Wednesday I headed back over, and this time I had plenty of time, and I remembered my ipod. I even chose a treadmill facing the window, hoping this would make me feel more free or something. I don't know.

It was still miserable, though. I did a mile at 6mph, then one at 7, then one at 6, one more at 7, and then a really slow one to cool down because I was dead. I felt like I was going to throw up the whole time. Pete says this might be because of over-heating. I was sweating a lot and they don't have any fans in there. Looking out the window didn't help either, I just felt sad that the tree I kept looking at wasn't getting any closer.

In the end I did 4 miles in 39 minutes. It was way harder than my hilly 7 miles in 1:03, and there aren't even any hills on a treadmill! What's up with that? Some people say running on a treadmill is easier than running outside. I really just hope I need to get used to it or it's going to be a really long, painful winter.

Today I went in and just did a tone/abs class. It was weird because there were only 4 of us (counting the teacher) and they were all much older than me. I felt a little silly at first and wondered if I'd even get a workout, but my abs are feeling it so I'm glad I went.

What this gym really lacks (other than fans) is a spin class. I don't know what I'm going to do about that. How could they not have spin? That's usually like the most popular class!

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