Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fun Stuff

Ah, look at the beautiful vehicle! Just look at it! And it's ours, all ours! The last payment on the Jeep went through on Monday, and I just realized it today! What a good feeling it is to have that paid off, and it only took us 3 1/5 years! :) I keep thinking, "man, if only we'd put the money we've been paying on that into savings, we'd have over $20,000 right now." Of course, we would never have done that so it's useless thinking things like that. We're done buying cars with credit, though. We're going to save up for the next one. After Switzerland.

To celebrate the ownership of the Jeep, Elle and I drove all the way to Bountiful so we could go to our favorite carwash. That was fun, and Elle fell asleep on the way home. Bonus!

Another exciting thing that's happened recently is I've started an etsy store! So far there are only 2 blankets up, but they are so pretty, you've got to go see them!

Well, that's it for now. I did a lot of resting today, and plan to do a killer hill workout on the treadmill tomorrow!

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