Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Day In The Life of a Mom Triathlete

Someone asked me what a typical day is like for me. I thought that was perfect material for a blog post. This might be a little boring, but today was a pretty typical day for me so I thought I'd lay it all out for you:

5:22 - hit the snooze button

5:27 - get myself out of bed

5:30 - eat oatmeal with peanut butter and blueberries while reading a chapter from The New Testament, then checking tweets :)

5:50 - wake the baby up to feed him, change him, then put him back to bed (such a good baby, slept all night last night!)

6:10 - drive the half-mile to the pool because it's pouring rain

6:20 - start swimming (workout: wu: 4 x 75; main: 500swim, 500kick, 500pull, 500swim, all RPE 4; cd: 100 swim, 100 back)

7:15 - hurry to the locker room for a quick shower, then home

7:30 - make the kids turn the tv off (arg, every morning!) and get dressed, make my protein smoothie (today it was milk, strawberries, blueberries, banana, spinach and vanilla protein powder) and breakfast for the kids (eggs, bacon and smoothie)

8:00 - try to clean the kitchen up a little bit

8:10 - drive the kids to school since it's still pouring rain

8:30 - feed the baby (repeat every 2-3 hours)

9:30 - put baby down for a nap and hop on the trainer (workout: 1 hour easy spinning except for the 1-2 minute intervals every 4-5 minutes)

10:30 - stretch, and look up hotels for an upcoming trip for a few minutes

11:00 - heat up a few frozen oatmeal pancakes left-over from Saturday (I thought they were delish, but Mindy was mad at me for putting oatmeal in them...), top with butter and devour

11:10 - shower #2

12:00 - make lunch (chicken with spring mix, almonds, craisins and poppyseed dressing)

12:30 - try to clean the kitchen up a little bit

1:30 - quick trip to the grocery store before Pete heads out for a meeting

2:00 - put dinner in the crock pot (pork roast for carnitas!)

2:50 - pick kids up from school

3:00 - snack time (apples with peanut butter)/clean up kitchen/try to get kids to do homework

4:00 - start dinner (pico de gallo and black bean stuffed peppers to go with our tacos - mmmmm)

5:30 - fix something else for Mindy since dinner wasn't done in time

5:45 - drive Mindy to ballet

6:15 - carry Elle down to her bed since she fell asleep in the car

6:30 - eat dinner

7:15 - pick Mindy up from ballet

8:00 - get kids to finish chores and get ready for bed

8:15 - family scripture/prayer time

8:30 - Mindy and Ethan go to bed, but for some reason the baby's still awake

8:45 - start cleaning the kitchen

9:00 - baby is ready to go to bed like a little sweetie-pie

9:15 - clean the kitchen for reals this time (kind of), and switch the laundry

9:30 - get swim bag ready for tomorrow then write on blog about what I did today...

10:15 - move the laundry from my bed to the floor, and get ready for bed

11:00 - hopefully I'll be asleep!


  1. I just came across your blog. Love todays post!! I have just started training my a sprint tri, my first. I also am a mom to three and a wife to a husband that travels all the time. It is amazing how we fit our training in.

  2. ... And I thought I had it tuff not being able to sleep a full 8-hour night. And little kids do not treat holidays and weekends as relax time either. Kudos to you!

  3. What a great post! I like how you simplify things and focus on what is really important--family, gospel, food, and health. Very refreshing!

  4. you are simply amazing!! keep it up keep your eye on the prize!