Friday, May 27, 2011

It's A Beautiful Day - U2, 8 and 12 miles!

When I was in high school, my favorite band was U2. But wasn't it everyone's? I swear, anytime I looked through someone's CD collection, I was sure to find Joshua Tree in there. Did you notice that too, or was it just my group of friends? Anyway, when U2 came to Salt Lake in 1997 or '98, I had a friend who invited me to go see them! I was so excited! When it came time to head down, though, he didn't have the tickets. We just had to swing by and pick them up from another friend who, for some reason, had them. Well, it turns out she was packing up to move and had somehow packed the tickets into the moving truck. What?! So, we seriously went through the whole moving truck, unpacking everything they'd just packed looking for the dang tickets. We never found them. What a bummer! We all ended up just hanging out instead, and it was a fun night, but there was no U2.

Fast forward... um, 13 years.

Last year Pete got us tickets to U2, and he was super excited about it because Lenny Kravitz was opening for them. We soon found out that the tour was canceled, though, because Bono needed a serious back surgery. Bummer again! I felt like I was destined to never see U2!

We all got a rain check for when the tour was back on so just last week, Pete reminded me to check when U2 was, so I did and it was on Tuesday! I had a few minutes where I thought it might be easier to just sell the tickets and not worry about finding someone to watch the kids, especially since Pete wasn't very excited about going now that Lenny wasn't going to be there. All I could think about was the last time I left George to go to the ballet with Mindy, and how he ended up crying for like half an hour before I got home because he wouldn't take the bottle. I was so nervous about it! But, my sister-in-law offered to watch the kids, and several people reminded me that I would regret if it I didn't go, and who knows if I'd ever get another chance to see them. So, we went. I was so anxious about leaving George it made me feel sick, but it ended up working out perfectly. I fed him right before we left, then he went to bed like a little angle and didn't wake up while we were gone!

I'm so glad we went, it was an awesome show! And now I know can understand all the fuss about Bono! That guy is amazing! And so is the rest of the band. It was so cool to see them in person, even if they were so far away since we didn't have the greatest seats. They all looked super fit and just super cool, not to mention the amazing music they were making. We left after they played Vertigo so we wouldn't have to fight the crowds on the way out, and we could hear them play Sunday Bloody Sunday as we walked to the car.

Wednesday I had an 8 mile tempo run to do, and believe me, I didn't do it early since I stayed up so late the night before. George even woke up early so he was ready for a nap by the time I took the kids to school. I ran with them on their bikes to the school and back which is 2 miles, so I just needed to add 6 after I dropped Elle off at home. I decided to do some hills while I was at it and ran up the avenues.

It was a great run, except for the part where I almost got bit by a dog. It was on a leash, and I was just running out into the grass to run around them when it growled and actually touched my leg. Its owner pulled it away quickly so I wasn't really in danger, but I still almost sprained my ankle trying to get away. I almost started to cry when I stopped to check my ankle, I guess from the adrenaline! Luckily I was fine, though.

On the way home, I was so excited when Vertigo came on that I played it again when it ended, then switched the shuffle off and listened to the 5 other U2 songs I've got on my ipod.

I felt great for the whole 8 miles, but when I got home, I realized my foot was hurting. It's something new, kind of the toes and ball of my left foot felt bruised. It was weird, I don't know if it was from twisting my foot running away from the dog or what. I iced it and it felt better the next day, but still a little sore. I considered not doing my long run today, but it felt good this morning so I figured it was ok.

I ran up Canyon Road from North Temple which is closed to traffic and leads up to City Creek. It was pretty much uphill the whole first half, then downhill on the way home. I loved that! This is also a really nice route because I could just get drinks from the fountain at the West High track at miles 2 and 10, and use the bathrooms and get drinks from the fountain at City Creek at miles 4 and 8 when I took my GU. I didn't have to carry any water! That drinking fountain at City Creek has LITTrally THE BEST water in the world too. (Parks and Rec anyone?) So good!

I usually use Hammer Gel, but I tried GU today because that's what they're going to have on the half marathon course. I tried a chocolate and vanilla, and though the vanilla wasn't the most disgusting flavor ever (as Pete says), I didn't really like it. The chocolate was really good though! Both of them had caffeine in them, and I usually don't use caffeine at all so I wanted to see how it would affect me. I don't know if it was the caffeine, but I felt so good today! The hills and trees were beautiful and green, and the creek was full of rushing water so that was fun to run by. I even had enough energy to keep going pretty strong when the downhill flattened out at the end!

I even got to run to 4 U2 songs on the way home and re-live the concert one more time. That was even with it on shuffle! My ipod knows me so well. :)

Nothing really hurt and I just had a really nice run! That is, until I had about half a mile left, then my foot started hurting again. It's pretty sore now, and I'm kind of limping around again. I really hope it's nothing serious! It doesn't seem like it is if I was able to run 11.5 miles without it hurting, right?

George was still asleep when I got home at 8:30, and just lounged around in bed until I finally went and got him at 8:45 after stretching.

He was just waking up so he has a "What's going on?" look on his face here.

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