Monday, May 30, 2011

George's First Tooth & Memorial Day

Yesterday in church Pete noticed that George had a little tooth poking through! I feel like, "Already!?" But I remember Mindy being 4 months old when she got her first tooth too. It's really not a surprise with how much he's been wanting to bite everything, drooling and being extra fussy. I'm kind of sad that his toothless grin's days are numbered, though. It's a sharp little thing, too. He better be careful!

Today I just thought we'd take the kids swimming at the pool and I'd make some Indian food. Neither of those things happened, but I love what we did instead.

I got myself up at 5:30ish (closer to 6) and got myself to the pool. I went to bed nice and early last night, but it is always hard to get up early after you've slept in for a couple days. It's so easy to get back into those old habits! I'm not going to, though. Especially not this week because I've got swims scheduled every morning for 6 days in a row! I really want to hit the pool hard and not miss any either. (I'm a little excited too!) It was ok that I was a little late today since the kids didn't have school and Pete didn't have work.

I did 4 x 200 (swim, kick, pull, swim) to warm up, then for the main set: 1650 ladder (start with 275, then 250, 225, ....until 25.), and 200 easy to cool down. That's 2600 yards total.

It was a really hard workout since I started out thinking, "5 1/2 laps isn't very much" and went almost as hard as I could, and kept that up the whole time. I was in the pool for about an hour, and very tired and hungry when I got out!

I was supposed to do a little running speed work today, but my foot was still feeling a little tender from Friday's run (actually I should say Wednesday's run) so I decided to skip it.

When I got home, half the family (Pete and George) were still asleep and half the family (Mindy, Ethan, Elle) were watching TV so I just left them all to it, made myself some eggs and had a nice quiet breakfast. Of course, I had to make breakfast again when TV time was over at 10, and of course, I had to have a one of the waffles and pancakes....

After our late breakfast, we decided to take the kids to the park. Even though it had been raining and was still quite wet, we were hopeful it would clear up.

We drove to the park the kids had requested, which was actually driving into the rain. They got to play there for about 5 minutes before it was full-on raining/hailing. We piled back into the car and headed south, where the clouds looked a little less menacing. Pete looked up a park on his google maps, and we went in search of it.

When we first pulled up, we were a little disappointed. It looked really old, and we couldn't even see a playground. After a minute of looking, though, we spotted the playground so Pete and the kids took off for that while I got George changed and situated in his sling (He's so cute in there, I still can't get enough of it!)

The park turned out to be really cool!

There were all these little paths and trees going around it and a little amphitheater type place. Sure it was old, but it was fun to explore. Then saw a trail going down into the valley that we decided to hike down. It was so green and beautiful and the kids had fun running under the trees and getting their feet all muddy.

The only bad thing was that at one point when the kids had run ahead of us, someone's dog started running after Elle. I yelled down to her to just hold still so it wouldn't chase her. There were some other people by her that got the dogs attention away from her, which was really nice. We got to her at about the same time as the dog's owner who was just like, "She's friendly, she just doesn't know not to jump on kids yet" or something like that. We figured we were out of trouble since we were there and the owner was there, but then suddenly the dog really jumped up on Elle, and would have knocked her down if I hadn't been there to grab her. She got a big muddy paw print on her dress and on her leg and, of course, started crying. I don't know how much it hurt her or if it just scared her, but it made me mad and kind of ruined the rest of the hike for her. Pete told the lady that if her dog doesn't know not to jump on people, maybe she should put it on a leash. People and their dogs just annoy me so much sometimes! Remember, I almost got bitten the other day too. I mean, really, just because you love your dog, doesn't mean everyone else is going to, and you need to be responsible for it.

Anyway, hopping off my soap box now...

We hiked a little farther, but then it started raining and the path started getting muddier and muddier. Besides Elle hadn't brought a jacket so she was getting cold, so we headed back to the car.

It was such a fun little hike. Elle was a little sour after the dog incident, but Mindy and Ethan just loved it! Pete and I really enjoyed it too. We will definitely be going back to that park!

George just fell asleep in his sling, and I put a blanket over him so the light rain didn't bother him at all. He did start to get pretty heavy on my shoulder, though!

There was a little coffee shop just around the corner from the park so we stopped and got some muffins and hot chocolate to warm up Elle's little frozen hands. Then we decided we were hungry for lunch so we stopped and got Pizza before heading home. I got a really good salad too.

Our little outing turned into quite a bit more than we had planned, but it was really fun and I'm glad we got to spend the day as a family doing something fun outside even though it wasn't the nicest day ever. Besides, with all this rain, it's just so green and beautiful, I love it! It'll be hot and dry soon enough... Right?

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