Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

I didn't end up going to bed by 11 like I had hoped. Pete got home from the climbing gym right after I finished last night's blog post so I wanted to at least take a few minutes to talk to him. Then for some reason I had a really fitful night along with George waking up once at 2 so I wasn't able to sleep very well. When my alarm went off at 5:30, I was so tired and realized that I could have 2 more hours of blissful sleep if I skipped my swim so that's what I did. Too bad I still had to get up at 6:30 to feed George, but then I was able to go back to bed until 7:20 or so. I was kind of sad about missing my swim, but I really don't regret it. Sometimes we just need the sleep over the workout.

When George took his morning nap, I left him with Pete and headed out into the rain for my 6 mile tempo run. It was pretty tough. I didn't bring the garmin so I didn't know what my pace was, but I had my heart rate monitor so I kept my heart rate in the 170s for the middle 3 miles. I took it nice and easy for the first and last mile and a half. I did the same route as last week, and did it in about 1:03 so that's a 10:30 minute/mile average. Pretty sad for a tempo run, but I worked hard so that's what counts.

When I got home, I did a 15 minute arms strength workout from the Nike Training Club app. It was a killer! I had to do like a million pushups! I kept telling myself, "Chocolate shake, chocolate shake." and when I got done, I made myself a chocolate peanut butter banana protein shake and it was so good! I had a hard time lifting the glass to drink it, though! And it was hard to wash my hair. I'm going to have sore arms tomorrow.

George got a new toy today! Fun stuff!

When I first started my run, and now tonight, I don't know how to describe it other than it feels like the bones in my legs, my ankles, knees and hips are hurting. They feel kind of stiff so I was thinking it was because of the cold, but when I told Pete about it he asked me when my next rest week is. Then I realized I haven't had a rest week since that week I had my hurt foot, 3 weeks ago. I've been working really hard ever since. I looked at my schedule and I'm not scheduled to have another rest week until the week before my half marathon - 2 weeks from now. I should be having a rest week every 3-4 weeks so that's off. I'm obviously still not very good at making my own training schedule.

So, what to do? I need to keep building my running to do my 10 and 12-mile runs before the half marathon. But maybe I can just bring down the intensity and volume of my other workouts for the rest of this week to give myself a little recovery time. How does that sound? I'm off to a good start since I already skipped my swim today. I'll still swim tomorrow, but I'll do fewer laps, then a recovery spin. I'll keep my 10 mile run as planned then do a shorter ride on Saturday.

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