Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ahhhh, Clean Air!

We had such a great time in St. George this weekend! We stayed with our really good friends who live down there, Adam and Rachel. It was just perfect because our kids had a blast playing together, and it was really fun for us to hang out with them. It had been a while! Adam and Rachel were so great to put up with us for 3 days AND feed us some really good food!

Another great thing about being down there was that it was so warm so we got to play outside a lot! Plus the air was so clean and clear! It was literally a "breath of fresh air," that we all really needed! (by the way, I added my mile splits to my Long Run on Saturday, if you were missing that...)

Saturday and Sunday just couldn't have been nicer, and we couldn't get over how warm it was there even though we used to live there about 4 years ago. We were planning on going rock climbing with Adam's younger brother on Monday, and I was so excited! It had been about a year since we last went.

We woke up Monday morning to find it all wet, though, and still raining. We knew right then that we wouldn't be going climbing. Even if we did want to stick it out and get cold and wet, we wouldn't want to risk breaking holds that become soft when they get wet. I was pretty bummed, and since we had been planning on doing something fun, we wracked our brains to find something fun to do in St. George when it's raining. We decided to go to lunch, then go bowling.

Here's Adam with all the kids at one of our favorite restaurants down there, The Pasta Factory. It was actually kind of weird eating there without having a race to be carb-loading for. In fact, we did a lot of carb-loading this weekend...

After lunch, we went over to the bowling alley, only to find that it was totally packed, with a waiting list to get a lane so we decided bowling wasn't such a great idea, much to Ethan's utter disappointment.

We ended up going to a place called Jumping Jacks where they just have a bunch of blow-up slides and bounce houses for kids to run around and play on. This place was packed as well, but at least there was no waiting. We just had to bring our kids in and let them join the chaos! I think they had a lot of fun, even though Ethan was still sad about not going bowling when we left.

When everyone got nice and worn out, we drove home, fearing it would be snowing the whole way, but it actually ended up only raining a little bit, then clearing up.

We woke up the next morning to find the rain had brought the air quality back to green, and we could actually see the mountains and the blue sky!! I suddenly remembered that I loved living here! I hope it stays nice like this for a while! I did a short run outside that morning, and look forward to doing more!

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  1. Look at those awesome pictures! It really was so fun. And I'm so glad you got clean air to come home to. So nice after such yucky air for so long!