Monday, January 25, 2010

Tire Surgery

This morning I planned to do my tempo run on the treadmill at the gym, but when I took the kids to school I noticed that the ground was all dry and it seemed pretty warm so I decided to finally get those tires fixed on the stroller so I could run outside!

I brought the stroller inside, and I couldn't quite figure out how to get the wheels off, so I just turned it upside-down, and that worked just fine.

Here's Elle helping me pump up the first tire once it was all fixed. She doesn't even need it to be hooked onto the tire to fill it up. She's that good!

Here's what my little tube patches look like. They're really easy to use and work really well. I used to be so intimidated by a flat tire, but I have learned. When you're riding your bike up to 45 miles from home, you want to know how to fix a flat! They're really not that hard to fix if you can get if off and back onto the wheel - that's the hard part! I waited so long to fix this stroller because I thought I would need/want help from Pete. I actually brought it in this morning with the intention of having him help me, but then I was able to do it by myself! Well, I did have some help from Elle.

After patching the tube, always check the tire and make sure you get any thorns out so they don't just pop it again when you put it back in. I pulled these two out right away that were obviously poking through, but then I kept looking and ended up pulling out 14 more! After finding so many in the second tire, I went back to the first to make sure I didn't miss any, and found a couple more. I even found a couple little ones in the front tire, which wasn't even flat! I think the total number of thorns I pulled out of these tires was 21. Geez, Shane, where were you taking this thing?! You must have gone over a nice patch of thorns, especially with the left side. Heather, don't let Shane take the stroller anymore! :)

Once we got the tires back on and turned the stroller right-side up, Elle was excited to get in and "go to a running!" as she said. I was excited to run outside too, and I even wore capris and almost didn't wear a jacket because it seemed so warm outside! Once I got outside, I realized it wasn't really that warm and I was glad I ended up grabbing my jacket.

I purposefully didn't bring the Garmin with me today because I knew, with the stroller, I would only get discouraged seeing my speed. I did bring my watch so I could watch the time, though. I just started off nice and easy, then did a hard push for 6:00 when I hit 15:00. At least, I pushed for most of that 6:00, it's easy to get distracted with maneuvering the stroller and stuff.

I ran on the Jordan River Parkway Trail and it was nice and dry this time so I didn't have to worry about slipping on any ice, and I did the same half hour loop I did last week.

I passed an old man, running in jeans, and as I was passing him he told me that he was just starting up again this year, and that he'd done 13 (I think) 5ks last year. He said he was starting out slow and I told him that was good. I hope he didn't feel too bad about being passed by a girl with a stroller! He was a sweet old man and he said, "Not bad for a 78-year old" or something as I pulled ahead. I told him that was awesome! That just made me so grateful to even be able to be out running at all! Who cares how fast I am as long as I enjoy it right? I mean, that's the whole reason I do it so I need to remember that!

Total Time: 30:00
Total Distance: Who knows
Average Speed: Who cares!

It was 30 degrees F and that might have been a tad bit too chilly for capris. I really didn't feel that cold by the end, but my ankles and knees were all red. Elle was bundled up pretty good, and when I asked her if she had stayed warm she said, "yes." But then as soon as we got inside she asked for hot chocolate and told me her feet were freezing. So I made us some hot chocolates with milk and I drank mine while I stretched. That's a good recovery drink anyway.

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