Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Swim Leg Simulation

When my alarm went off this morning at 5:45, I was laying in bed thinking about getting up when Ethan came in crying because his ear was hurting. I gave him some Tylonol and put him back to bed, then remembered that Pete was sick. I realized I didn't want to leave him to deal with getting the kids ready for school and possibly a sick Ethan if he was still feeling sick, so I just went back to sleep for an hour and forgot about swimming. Ethan was fine when he woke up so I just brought the kids to school.

I wasn't feeling very good, though. I think I'm just paranoid because Pete had the flu yesterday and I'm just waiting to get it. I thought about going back to bed, but I wasn't really feeling that sick. I had planned on going to Spin class, but that did seem like a little much for me. Finally I decided to go down to the Holliday-Lions Rec Center and do an easy swim. I've missed a lot of my swims in the past week and have really been wanting to go.

I was kind of excited to try out this pool since I'd never swam there before. It was really nice, though there was a water aerobics class going on so there were only two lanes open for lap swimming. I got into the lane with only one lady in it.

I forgot my fins and pull buoy so I just did 5 laps to warm up. My arms were kind of sore after that! But I stretched and took a minute to rest while I decided what I wanted to do. I decided I'd just do 1500 meters as fast as I could. Of course I couldn't just do an easy swim like I had tricked myself into thinking.

The lady I was sharing my lane with left about half-way through so I had the lane to myself for a while, but I just stayed to the side in case anyone else wanted to get in. I didn't want to have to stop. At the half-way point, I was just under 15:30 so I was right on target for finishing in 31:00, but I thought I'd push it a little more and try for 30:30.

When I had about 3 laps left I suddenly got confused and thought, "wait, are there 2 guys in this lane with me?" It seemed so sudden since I hadn't been paying attention to much other than the clock and pulling myself through the water. I figured I was just imagining things, that it was really just one guy. But then, as I started my last lap I realized there really were 2 guys in the lane with me and they must have been trying to circle swim (without me knowing this!) because one of the guys, who could barely stay afloat, was coming right at me! Right in the way! I was trying so hard to finish strong so I was really frustrated when I had to grab the lane divider to get myself around this guy. Then I turned around and had to go around him on the way back! I wanted this to be my fastest lap, and here he was slowing me down!

I looked up at the clock when I finished and it was right on 30:30! So I made it, even with some minor setbacks! At least, I think that's what time it was, I was too annoyed to pay too much attention to the clock. I shouldn't get so upset, though, this is good race simulation. Of course there are going to be barriers and other people swimming where you don't want them to be swimming during a race. It should be the more people in the lane the better, right?

Distance: 1500 meters
Time: 30:30

I was pretty happy with my time, and even felt much better after my swim. It also helped me set a new goal to get my 1500 down to under 30:00 before St. George Tri in May. Sounds fun, right? I really do love swimming!

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