Thursday, January 14, 2010

Speed Work on and Empty Stomach

Today I decided to fast for the people in Haiti. I just thought about how so many people are going without food or water right now, on top of hurting physically and emotionally. I thought it was the least I could do. It really did help me keep a prayer in my heart for them all day, and I was on the verge of tears a lot of the day too. I would think, "Oh, I'm not feeling very well. Oh yeah, that's because I haven't eaten." Then I would remember why I wasn't eating. I pray the rescue workers have been able to find some people, and that all those people suffering will somehow find comfort. I haven't watched the news since this morning so I don't really know what's going on but I know Lori still doesn't know anything about her sweet little kids. Please pray for them.

This afternoon, I made sandwiches for our dinner, packed them in the cooler, then loaded the kids in the car and headed over to pick up Pete. When we got there, I was going to grab my sandwich so I'd have something in me before my run, but then I realized that I'd left the cooler at home! Luckily we had some nut bars in the car for just such an emergency so I had one of those.

I dropped Pete and Ethan off at Krav Maga, then I took the girls with me to the gym. Once we got there, I realized that I had also forgotten to pack myself socks. "Oh well", I thought, "I'll just go sock-less." I did that in my last race and it didn't bother me at all so I figured it would be fine. Well, I don't know if it was because I was running on a track, running faster, or what, but it did bother me today. Yeah, I got a couple little blisters. Smart.

Anyway, I did 7 sets of 400 meters on the little indoor track, shooting for under 2:00 each. I was a little worried that not eating all day would negatively affect me and I wouldn't be able to do it without passing out, but I actually felt better today then I did last week! And....I might have even been a little faster!

So, here's what I did:

10:36 - warm up

1 - 2:01 - first set
1:59 - recovery

2 - 2:08 - second set (wow, a little slow...)
2:19 - recovery, and "Hey, wait a minute!" I ran too far on those first 2! I was stopping on the corner after the one I'd started on instead of the one before so I was doing 4 1/4 laps instead of 3 3/4 laps! That was a relief.

3 - 1:55 - much better!!
1:50 - recovery

4 - 2:00
1:45 - recovery

5 - 1:58
2:08 - recovery

6 - 2:04 - getting slow
2:32 - recovery - Now I was deciding if I should do 1 or 2 more because my schedule said 8, but last week I only did 6... Then my ipod died and answered that question for me. I'd just do one more. But, I thought, "I'll show my ipod how fast I can do this alone!"

7 - 2:03

I sure showed that ipod didn't I? Showed it how much I LOVE it! Man. A little disappointed about not doing a faster last set, but oh well. Guess I need to get that ipod charged! At least I felt good the whole time. I actually didn't feel like I was going to throw up or pass out at all like I did the whole time last week! Maybe eating less before a speed workout is good?!

8:03 - cool down

We got Wendy's on the way back to Krav then we watched Pete as he finished his class before going home. It looked like they were working hard!

It was pretty eerie driving home because it was really smoggy/foggy and sometimes it looked like we were driving in the sky or something! Pretty crazy. I'm so excited because we're going to St. George for the weekend so we're going to get a little fresh air! And some warm air too! Wohoo!

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