Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lava Feilds

This weekend we are in beautiful St. George, Utah! It is especially beautiful because you can actually see here! You can actually take a deep breath outside without feeling bad. Also, you can actually go outside in a t-shirt!

I went for my long run this morning in short sleeves and capris, and it felt so good! I ran on the running path in Santa Clara, along the lava fields. It was so beautiful. I loved having so many interesting things to look at, and it was also really fun because it was hilly, and by now you probably know how I feel about hills.

Here is the path that I ran on for pretty much my whole run. I remember going for a walk on this path with Pete once when we were dating. Other than that, I didn't really enjoy the beauty of this place as much as I should have while I lived here.

This was my favorite view of the day. I love all the different colors and textures!

When I started out, my legs were feeling pretty stiff and sore, probably from sitting in the car for 5 hours yesterday. I just kept going, though, and when they loosened up they felt better. I didn't take it too easy on my legs, though, so they were never totally comfortable. I did feel really good, though, and so happy to be out running in such nice weather with such a beautiful backdrop.

I ran down the path for 3 miles, then headed back to where I had left my Gatorade bottle at the beginning. I got there at 5.35 miles, and stopped to walk around for about 30 seconds while I drank it, then I put it back in its place and headed back down the path for another mile before heading back to our friends' house.

Mile Splits:
  1. 8:53
  2. 8:41
  3. 9:30
  4. 9:16
  5. 9:21
  6. 9:19
  7. 8:57
  8. 9:12

Total Distance: 8 Miles
Total Time: 1:13
Average Pace: 9:09 min/mile (WAHOO!)
Best Pace: 5:53 min/mile

After I got some food and a shower, we all headed over to a fun park where the kids all got "dizzied out" on all the spin-y things there. It was a lot of fun, but everyone was ready for a couple hours of resting when we got back.

Ah, it is so nice to be able to play outside!! Here are Mindy, Ethan and Elle with Katie and Isaiah (our friend's kids).

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