Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sore, Sore, Sore

Last night I felt so sore from Monday's workout! Especially my arms from the push-ups. I never do push-ups! (But, I still managed to do 2 sets of 10 on my toes! Hence the soreness.) I was so tempted to just not set my alarm and forget about swimming this morning, but I knew that it would probably actually make my arms feel better and that it would be worth it to lose one hour of sleep. Pete even suggested I do some push-ups last night, but that wasn't happening!

My alarm went off at 5:30 this morning, and it was weird because I thought I'd already been pushing the snooze button so I thought I was running late. I must have been dreaming that. I have weird dreams! I wasn't running late, though, so I got up and got ready quickly and went to the pool. A girl in the dressing room complimented me on my toes, and that of course just made my day! My sister, Katie, painted those cute flowers on Christmas and they still look great. She should be a pro!

The pool was really full this morning! Most of the 6 lanes had 2 people in them already. I picked one right in the middle with only one, put my stuff there, sat down and started putting my swim cap, goggles and flippers on while I waited to ask the guy in that lane if I could share with him. He didn't even look at me or acknowledge me in anyway even though my legs were dangling right in front of him, and he was swimming right in the middle! I was just wondering if I should start swimming in that lane anyway and force him to scoot over, or just go to a different lane when the life guard told me that this guy was probably the last person I wanted to share with. I couldn't hear what else she said, maybe that he was inconsiderate or something like that.

The lady two lanes over offered to share with me so I just waddled over there and started my warm-up. Even just using the kick board and fins was quite painful for my arms at first, but once I got loosened up, it really felt quite a bit better!

I got my own lane soon enough when the guy next to us got out. Then 2 ladies came in and asked if they could share with me so we did circle swimming, and it was kind of fun having other people to swim with! I think it actually made me go faster because I didn't want to get in their way or for them to think I was slow. One of them said she thought it made her go faster too. They got out after like 20 minutes or something, and instead of being glad I had my lane back to myself, I was a little disappointed and kind of felt lonely. So... does anyone want to start swimming with me at 6am MW&F?? :)

Here's what I did after warmups:

Distance: 1500 meters
Time: 30:30

I hope it was 1500 meters, I was kind of just keeping an eye on my watch to count laps so it might have been 1450. I know that I hit half-way at like 15:30 so it's possible, and I thought I sped up pretty good towards the end.

I got home with about 5 minutes to spare before it was time to take the kids to school, and what do you know, they're all still in their pjs watching cartoons! Of course, I immediately start yelling and telling them to hurry up and what are you doing watching cartoons!? Mindy's response was that they "didn't know it was morning." I'm like, "If you didn't think it was morning, why are you all awake? Arg!

Apparently, since I set the alarm for Pete to go off at 6:59, when he saw it he thought it was just 6 and that it was my alarm so he turned it off.

I hurried and made some Nutella toasts for the kids (and, ahem, myself) while they got dressed and they ate them in the car on the way to school. Amazingly, I still got them there on time! YEAH!

I still didn't know if Pete needed me to take him to work or if he'd get a ride so I waited around for a while, feeling super tired. When he finally said he had a ride, I needed to leave right then to get to Cycle, Tone and Stretch on time and I wasn't quite ready. I could have still gone, and probably not even been very late, but I decided listen to my tired body and be done for the day. I need to get used to going to that class once a week before I start going twice a week.

I also thought I'd take a nap, but that didn't end up happening. Elle and I took the Christmas tree down, and she was such a good little helper! Seriously, she really helped me, the whole time, until it was all done, and I really think she made it easier for me! Wow! It was just the cutest thing watching this little person work so hard! What a great little girl!

It also felt really good to get the house cleaned up a bit! It seems really empty in here without the tree though! I'm still a little sore, but feeling pretty good. Tomorrow is speed work! Yikes! I will be sore again soon enough!

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  1. Very jealous of your toe nails. I wish I had toe nails to paint. Mine are all in various phases of falling off. People think I have them painted black. I love yours!